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[Campus News] Jung Geun-sik Selected for 10th Hugwang Academic Award
The winner of the 10th Hugwang Academic Award is Jung Geun-sik, a professor of the Department of Sociology at Seoul National University. Pre
김부경 수습기자   2017-11-10
[Campus News] CNU Launches First K-MOOC Lectures
Chonnam National University (CNU) launched the first K-MOOC quality lectures this November. “Finding the Lost Three Billion Years” by Huh Mi
이은지 기자   2017-11-10
[Gallery] October Fest
October Fest was held around Humanities College building 1 on Oct. 13. This event was hosted by the Department of German Language and Litera
이성채 기자   2017-10-16
[News & Photo] Korean Speaking Contest for Foreiners at CNU
2017 Korean Speaking Contest for foreigners was held in celebration of Hangul Proclamation Day in Cosmos Hall at 4 p.m. on Oct. 14. Foreigne
이소이 기자   2017-10-14
[Campus News] Student Club Fair Is Held around Bongji
2017 Fall Student Club Fair is under way around Bongji. This event, operated by the General Student Club Association, is a good opportunity
이소이 기자   2017-09-20
[Gallery] Bandi Festival Gets Underway Friday
이은지 기자   2017-09-15
[Gallery] Recruiting Cub-Reporters
CNU Press and Broadcasting Center recruits new members of three campus media: The Chondae Shinmun, Chonnam Tribune, CNU Broadcasting. They a
이소이 기자   2017-09-14
[Campus News] International Summer Session Successfully Finished
CNU completed the 2017 International Summer Session (ISS) that offered cultural field trips and high-quality English courses provided by ren
Syeda Shamima Nasrin 기자   2017-09-07
[Campus News] CNU Holds Agenda 2021 Vision Proclamation Ceremony
CNU held the Agenda 2021 Vision Proclamation Ceremony on September 4 at Minjumaru. President Jeong Byung-seok presented its five agendas at
나민아 기자   2017-09-04
[Campus News] American Students Complete Critical Language Scholarship Program at CNU
The Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Korean 2017 program sponsored by the U.S. Department of State has been successfully completed. On Au
이은지 수습기자   2017-08-25
[Campus News] CNU to Hold the 65th Second Graduation Ceremony
CNU held the 65th second graduation ceremony at Minjumaru on August 25. A total of 1,849 graduates received their degrees: 1,296 Bachelor’s,
이소이 기자   2017-08-25
[Gallery] A Mural Depicting the Gwangju Uprising in May 1980
이성채 수습기자   2017-07-27
[Gallery] CNU Internationl Summer Session
Syeda Shamima Nasrin 수습기자   2017-07-12
[Campus News] 2017 CLS Korean Program: American Students Take Cultural Excursion to Gunsan and Jeonju
27 American students attending the Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) 2017 Korean program and six Korean language partners went on a cultur
이소이 기자   2017-07-12
[Campus News] International Summer Session 2017 Starts on June 27
Starting today, the International Summer Session 2017 (ISS) offers a variety of cources to July 22. It is a four-week program where internat
백민주 기자   2017-06-27
[Campus News] Han Kang Talks about Her Book at 2017 GJRT Concert
The talk concert of Han Kang, the writer of the Book of the Year for the 2017 Gwangju and Jeonnam Read and Talk (GJRT) took place at Convent
백민주 기자   2017-06-26
[Campus News] CNU Lauches New Cultural Initiative for Student Culture
A cultural forum for students took place at Gwangju Bank Hall in Yongjigwan building on June 5 and around 150 students, faculty and staff me
김유나 기자   2017-06-14
[Campus News] Korean Language Partners Are Excited for Incoming CLS Students
Language Education Center (LEC) at Chonnam National University is preparing to welcome 27 American students attending the Critical Language
이소이 기자   2017-06-12
[Campus News] CNU Celebrates Its 65th Anniversary
On June 8, Chonnam National University (CNU) hosted a ceremony marking its 65th anniversary. More than 500 people attend the ceremony, inclu
Syeda Shamima Nasrin 수습기자   2017-06-08
[Gallery] Student Culture Forum
A cultural forum for students took place at Gwangju Bank Hall, Yongjigwn at 3pm on June 5. Chonnam national University (CNU) arranged the cu
김유나 기자   2017-06-07
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