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[Global Campus] Truly Memorable Moments in Newcastle Upon Tyne
"Where there is a will, there is a way." Although I had a lot of worries and difficulties before going to the United Kingdom as an exchange
양이삭 경영학부 3학년   2022-05-20
[Global Campus] Being a Member of Another Family in the U.S.
There was a notice that Chonnam National University (CNU) was providing a scholarship supporting students to study in a Medical English Prog
연민선 객원기자   2022-03-17
[Global Campus] U.R.S.: Spreading Scientific Knowledge Beyond the Classroom
All students deserve a good quality of education. However, there are some regions that lack various educational devices and opportunities. F
홍지우 기자   2021-11-19
[Global Campus] Beautiful Life in Spain
I remember being extremely excited to meet new friends when I arrived at my dormitory inside the University of Alcala de Henares in Spain. I
박선미 산림자원학부 4학년   2021-08-28
[Global Campus] Unforgettable Times in Germany
Before leaving Korea to attend a student exchange program at the University of Bayreuth in Germany last year, I was worried about my exchang
하지우 독일언어문학과 2학년   2021-08-28
[Into the Campus] Toastmasters: a Forum for English Conversation
These days, speaking English fluently has become important to undergraduates. The capacity, however, is not easy to achieve. This article in
조예린 기자   2021-05-21
[Global Campus] Magical Experience in Lithuania
When I arrived at Incheon International Airport, I felt two feelings simultaneously. One was the excitement of going to Europe, and the othe
송민지 일어일문학과 3학년   2021-03-15
[Global Campus] Journey of COVID-19 in Melbourne
‘A good start is half the battle!’ It happened to me actually! From beginning to end, my journey was a series of new experiences. I studied
김강희 기계공학부 4학년   2021-03-15
[Foreign Community] The Hidden Charms of CNU and Gwangju
Chonnam National University was founded in 1952 as a comprehensive university in Korea with its three campuses at Gwangju, Yeosu City, Jeoll
Md Golam Rabbani, 글로벌디아스포라협동과정   2021-02-02
[Foreign Community] Combat Culture Shock. Embrace Campus Life!
This time of November is perfect in terms of beautiful weather and we are spared from the hardest time because we are trying to overcome the
Hu Nan, 영어교육학과 박사과정   2020-11-20
[Global Campus] Valuable Experiences at MIZZOU
During the fall semester of 2019, which was my first semester at the University of Missouri-Columbia (MIZZOU), I had a hectic time adapting
장유진 심리학과 4학년   2020-09-11
[Foreign Community] American and Korean Students Have Unique Learning Experiences
The Language Education Center (LEC) at Chonnam National University has been running the Language Partner Program for American students of th
김은진 기자   2020-08-18
[Foreign Community] The Bush Capital, Canberra: A Meeting Place of Nature, Culture, and Culinary Adventure
Welcome to Canberra, the ‘Bush Capital’. Being the capital city of Australia, Canberra is a small city of 400,000 people surrounded by natur
Brian Li 고고인류학과 박사과정   2020-05-28
[Global Campus] Unforgettable Experience in Canada
After I was selected to be an exchange student at the University of Regina (UR) in Canada, the first thing that I had to do as an exchange s
이성진 문헌정보학과 4학년   2020-03-10
[Global Campus] My Best Choice in the Czech Republic
Registering for courses is the most important thing that students have to do before the semester starts because it affects the whole upcomin
박선아 영어영문학과 4학년   2020-03-10
[Foreign Community] Opening the Eyes of My Heart
This will be one diverting story of how I figured out the greatness of a language that I was disposed to learn on Yeosu Campus of CNU. At fi
Sultonova Alomatkhon, 경영학부 2학년   2019-11-18
[Foreign Community] Beyond My Fears
Mark Twain once said that “the secret of getting ahead is getting started.” If you were looking for a sign to take on that once-in-a-lifetim
Alvina Joanna, 경영대학원   2019-11-18
[Global Campus] Let’s Take a Walk in Paris
I have only been in Korea for a few weeks but I have already met many Koreans who showed me how much they like France and especially Paris.
Charles Dizier, 프랑스 교환학생   2019-11-15
[Global Campus] Unique and Memorable Experience in Newcastle
I went to Newcastle in the U.K. for six months as an exchange student. It was such an incredible time I am still thinking I wish I could hav
고명수 사학과 4학년   2019-09-23
[Foreign Community] My Life as a Student Reporter
Once, Oscar Wilde, an Irish poet said “Experience is one thing you can’t get for nothing.” I truly understand that everything new we get can
Imarova Mokhinur, Guest Report   2019-09-23
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