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[News & Photo] CNU Celebrates 68 Years
Chonnam National University (CNU) held events to celebrate the 68th anniversary of its founding on June 8 in front of Minjumaru on Yongbong
Maja Elisabeth von Bruun 기자   2020-06-09
[Gallery] Yongbong Martyrs Memorial Wall
조예린 기자   2020-06-03
[English] Artery: Animal Clinical Club Exploring Veterinary Medicine
As of last year, 5.91 million households in Korea raised 8.56 companion animals, according to a survey result released by the Ministry of Ag
김은진 기자   2020-06-03
[Cover Story] The World of Digital Minimalism
Today’s world is ruled by the Internet. This is why we always have to be aware of the risks of using our smartphones too much. It does not o
von Bruun Maja Elisabeth 기자   2020-06-03
[Feature] Instagrammable Trends: Social Media Impacts the Lifestyle of the Young Generation
A considerable number of people in their twenties are using Instagram to upload their pictures or ideas these days. They usually get advice
조예린 기자   2020-06-02
[Information] Challenge Scholarship
Challenge Scholarship will be awarded to five undergraduate international students in June. The application deadline for the program will be
외국인 유학생 서포터즈   2020-05-29
[Information] Writing and Speaking Consultations
Writing and Speaking Consultations are available to undergraduate and graduate students until June. The Expression and Communication Counsel
외국인 유학생 서포터즈   2020-05-29
[Information] Student ID Cards
Student ID Cards will be distributed to new students and students who have transferred from other universities between September 7 and 11, 1
외국인 유학생 서포터즈   2020-05-29
[Information] Global Lounge for International Students
Global Lounge for international students has been established on the second floor of the Global & Research Building this semester. The loung
외국인 유학생 서포터즈   2020-05-29
[Information] The YouTube Channel of the Office of International Affairs
The YouTube Channel of the Office of International Affairs has been recently opened to provide useful information and interesting content fo
외국인 유학생 서포터즈   2020-05-29
[Column] A Lesson From Disasters
There are Chinese characters by which risk and opportunity are expressed simultaneously. They are in the word, ‘crisis.’ Human history has d
김두운 농식품생명공학부 교수   2020-05-29
[Column] ‘Min-sik Law’: School Zone Punishments
Lee Ji-won (Sophomore, Dept. of Japanese Language and Literature) Nine-year-old boy Min-sik died in a car accident when walking across the r
이윤주 객원기자   2020-05-29
[News Focus] The University Should Have Better Prepared for Online Classes
In order to support the social distancing policies that stop the spread of COVID-19 in South Korea, Chonnam National University (CNU) decide
박민지 기자   2020-05-28
[Ketchup-Movie] The Laundromat
Counsel: They are the ones getting away with* murder. Old woman: Where in the world is Nevis?From The Laundromat* Get away with something: I
김은진 기자   2020-05-28
[Perspective] COVID-19 Pandemic: South Korea’s Intensive and Preemptive Response Is Noticeable
COVID-19 is a respiratory infectious disease that has spread worldwide since the first mass outbreak of mysterious pneumonia in Wuhan, Hubei
마준희 기자   2020-05-28
[Foreign Community] The Bush Capital, Canberra: A Meeting Place of Nature, Culture, and Culinary Adventure
Welcome to Canberra, the ‘Bush Capital’. Being the capital city of Australia, Canberra is a small city of 400,000 people surrounded by natur
Brian Li 고고인류학과 박사과정   2020-05-28
[Interview] Daniel Lindemann: “I Want to Serve as a Bridge Between Korea and Germany”
Originally from Germany, Daniel Lindemann has become well-known in South Korea, not only for his charm in TV-shows such as Abnormal Summit b
Maja Elisabeth von Bruun 기자   2020-05-28
[Culture & Life] We’ll Always Find Fun: Things We Can Do During the COVID-19 Quarantine
Flowers had bloomed and a gentle breeze had touched the new leaves of the trees. Spring has come and gone without anyone enjoying it. Our li
나민아 객원기자   2020-05-27
[Campus News] CNU Building Infrastructure for Permanent Online Learning
Chonnam National University (CNU) has been building an infrastructure for an effective online learning system that can be available at any t
김은진 기자   2020-05-27
[Campus News] CNU to Establish High-Tech Departments in 2021
Chonnam National University (CNU) will establish six high-tech departments and increase the admissions quota in 2021 by 310 students. On Apr
박민지 기자   2020-05-27
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