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[Travelogue] Energy and Taste: Back to Sweet Home
Some people may think that the only dish of the Uzbek kitchen is pilaf. However, it is far from being so. The Uzbek national kitchen has a l
Nicky & Molly, 수습기자   2017-11-10
[Travelogue] “Home on a Platter”
When someone says Indian food, the first thing that might pop up in your head is ‘curry’! However, Indian food is so much more diverse than
Alvina Joanna 객원기자   2017-09-12
[Travelogue] Chinese and British Food Culture in Hong Kong
Hong Kong is a splendid city with beautiful attractions. When I visited the city last winter, I first felt scared of all the people busily w
최해리 기자   2017-05-12
[Travelogue] Exploring Vietnam’s Succulent Culture
You know you drool over the thoughts of home food after a long trip away. Walking down the streets in Vietnam, I see all my reminiscences of
Nguyen Huong 기자   2017-03-07
[Travelogue] Las Vegas Lingering in My Mind
Lingering in My Mind, Las Vegas By Kim Hyun-kyung, Tribune Reporter This summer vacation, my mom and sister and me planned to go to western
김현경 기자   2012-09-04
[Travelogue] Backpacking Korea by Railo
Backpacking Korea by Railo by Noh Yeon-jung, Guest Reporter As this summer holiday began, you must have thought and planned what to do. I w
노연정 객원기자   2011-09-20
[Travelogue] Ukraine, a Fabulous Place to Travel
Ukraine, a Fabulous Place to Travel By Kim Min-su, Guest Reporter Everything began when Chonnam National University gave us the opportunity
Rakhmetov Anar 객원기자   2011-03-08
[Travelogue] Sunshine Summer in Europe
Sunshine Summer in Europe By Um So-min, Tribune Reporter Europe, who does not yearn for that word which hides every romantic sense and sigh
엄소민 기자   2010-08-18
[Travelogue] Australia, Somewhere New and Exciting
Australia, Somewhere New and Exciting By Lee Min-young, Guest Reporter People always hope for summer to come in winter and for winter to com
이민영 객원기자   2010-03-01
[Travelogue] France, the Romantic and Beautiful Country
France, the Romantic and Beautiful Country By Kim Sun-mi, Senior, Dept. of German Language and Literature Summer is always fun, but last sum
Chonnam Tribune   2009-11-16
[Travelogue] Estonia & Lithuania
Estonia & LithuaniaBaltic Countries: Harmony between Europe and the former Soviet UnionBy Yong Hae-ju, Senior, Dept. of Political Science &
용해주   2009-09-24
[Travelogue] Turkey, Home Found in a Foreign Country
Turkey, Home Found in a Foreign CountryBy Na Seong-in, Senior, Dept. of English Education It was the last vacation that I could spend my tim
나성인 영어교육과 4학년   2009-05-31
[Travelogue] The Best Summer of My Life
The Best Summer of My Life By Park Sue-hye, Guest Reporter Having a hectic life, I thought I needed to do some self-reflection and find a wa
박수혜 객원기자   2008-09-16
[Travelogue] The Scent of Washington D.C. Fascinated Me
The Scent of Washington D.C. Fascinated Me By Kang Yeon-ah, Junior, College of Medicine Allow me to start my article by thanking Chonnam Nat
강연아 의학과 3학년   2008-03-10
[Travelogue] Precious Experience in Indonesia
Precious Experience in Indonesia By Hwang Ji-yeon, Junior, Department of Family Environment & Welfare Don’t Let Your Chance Go Before tellin
황지연 생활환경복지학과 3학년   2008-01-19
[Travelogue] My New Family in Australia
My New Family in Australia By Ko Hyun-sook, Senior, Dept. of Business Administration Tara, Are You Ready? I arrived staying in Adelaide, a t
고현숙 경영학부 4학년   2007-11-26
[Travelogue] Why Don't You Get Good Luck Like Me?
박성미 경제학과 4학년   2006-04-29
[Travelogue] A High-Flying Bird Has a Wide View
유명근 영어영문학과 3학년   2005-12-03
[Travelogue] A Short Diary Traveling in Canada
A Short Diary Traveling in Canada By Gi Yong ho, Tribune Reporter Before the Journey Having successfully qualified to study English abroad,
기용호 기자   2005-10-08
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