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[Travelogue] All You Need Is Ecuador
I have been living away from my home country for a few years now. There are many things I obviously miss from time to time. I was especially
Cinthya Torres 경영전문대학원 석사과정   2020-09-11
[Travelogue] Tübingen, the City of Poets and Scientists
Many people think of beer, sausages and football when they hear Germany, but we have so much more to offer than that. Lush green forests and
Emily Claire 독일언어문학과 4학년   2020-04-03
[Travelogue] Let’s Take a Walk in Paris
I have only been in Korea for a few weeks but I have already met many Koreans who showed me how much they like France and especially Paris.
By Charles Dizier, 교환학생   2019-11-18
[Travelogue] The Heart of Finland: My Hometown Helsinki
When I first came to Korea, I was surprised by how many people knew about my home country, Finland. Our population is very small compared to
Maja Elisabeth 영어영문학과 2학년   2019-09-11
[Travelogue] The Beautiful Life in Iliomar, East Timor
The Chonnam Tribune provides an international student’s hometown story to promote mutual understanding between international and Korean stud
Jose Moniz Da Costa Nunes 교환학생   2019-05-16
[Travelogue] My Pearl Fergana in Uzbekistan
Fergana is one of the most beautiful, modern cities that left a remarkable history in Uzbekistan. The city is on the southern edge of the Fe
Khamdamova Nigina 기자   2019-04-15
[Travelogue] Energy and Taste: Back to Sweet Home
Some people may think that the only dish of the Uzbek kitchen is pilaf. However, it is far from being so. The Uzbek national kitchen has a l
Nicky & Molly, 수습기자   2017-11-10
[Travelogue] “Home on a Platter”
When someone says Indian food, the first thing that might pop up in your head is ‘curry’! However, Indian food is so much more diverse than
Alvina Joanna 객원기자   2017-09-12
[Travelogue] Chinese and British Food Culture in Hong Kong
Hong Kong is a splendid city with beautiful attractions. When I visited the city last winter, I first felt scared of all the people busily w
최해리 기자   2017-05-12
[Travelogue] Exploring Vietnam’s Succulent Culture
You know you drool over the thoughts of home food after a long trip away. Walking down the streets in Vietnam, I see all my reminiscences of
Nguyen Huong 기자   2017-03-07
[Travelogue] Las Vegas Lingering in My Mind
This summer vacation, my mom and sister and me planned to go to western part of America including San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Laughlin. Th
김현경 기자   2012-09-04
[Travelogue] Backpacking Korea by Railo
As this summer holiday began, you must have thought and planned what to do. I was also looking for interesting things to do to make this hol
노연정 객원기자   2011-09-20
[Travelogue] Ukraine, a Fabulous Place to Travel
Everything began when Chonnam National University gave us the opportunity to change our perception of traveling to foreign countries. It is
Rakhmetov Anar 객원기자   2011-03-08
[Travelogue] Sunshine Summer in Europe
Europe, who does not yearn for that word which hides every romantic sense and sight? From the moment I confirmed my trip to Europe with 2010
엄소민 기자   2010-08-18
[Travelogue] Australia, Somewhere New and Exciting
People always hope for summer to come in winter and for winter to come in summer. Actually, the same rule applied to me for choosing Austral
이민영 객원기자   2010-03-01
[Travelogue] France, the Romantic and Beautiful Country
France, the Romantic and Beautiful Country Summer is always fun, but last summer was amazing. Last spring, I found an announcement about a g
Chonnam Tribune   2009-11-16
[Travelogue] Estonia & Lithuania
Estonia & LithuaniaBaltic Countries: Harmony between Europe and the former Soviet Union “Have you ever heard of Estonia? It’s a small countr
용해주   2009-09-24
[Travelogue] Turkey, Home Found in a Foreign Country
Turkey, Home Found in a Foreign CountryBy Na Seong-in, Senior, Dept. of English Education It was the last vacation that I could spend my tim
나성인 영어교육과 4학년   2009-05-31
[Travelogue] The Best Summer of My Life
The Best Summer of My Life By Park Sue-hye, Guest Reporter Having a hectic life, I thought I needed to do some self-reflection and find a wa
박수혜 객원기자   2008-09-16
[Travelogue] The Scent of Washington D.C. Fascinated Me
The Scent of Washington D.C. Fascinated Me Allow me to start my article by thanking Chonnam National University for giving me this unforgett
강연아 의학과 3학년   2008-03-10
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