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[Cover Story] Innovative Outdoor Trash Cans
Walking along the street, you can see a lot of trash cans overflowing with trash and also garbage dumped on the street, especially in urban
마준희 기자   2020-11-20
[People] Mouse: Club for Learning Architectural Design Software
Architectural software including AutoCAD is crucial for the digital design of buildings and interiors. Architecture students need to be able
조예린 기자   2020-11-20
[Cover Story] Reducing Waste: Simple Way to Save Our Planet
Under the influence of Corona-19, which started to spread early this year around the world, people have spent more time at home. The use of
박민지 기자   2020-11-20
[Cover Story] Most Popular Internet Memes
Internet memes have been used in various ways such as expressing emotion and sharing joyful images with friends. Evolving internet memes whi
조예린 기자   2020-09-11
[Feature] How I Managed to Survive ‘Winterpeg’ in Canada
Of all the experiences I have ever had, the two semesters I spent in Winnipeg were the coldest times of my life, but I bet it was one of the
고정연 경영학부 3학년   2020-09-11
[People] Artery: Animal Clinical Club Exploring Veterinary Medicine
As of last year, 5.91 million households in Korea raised 8.56 companion animals, according to a survey result released by the Ministry of Ag
김은진 기자   2020-06-03
[Cover Story] The World of Digital Minimalism
Today’s world is ruled by the Internet. This is why we always have to be aware of the risks of using our smartphones too much. It does not o
von Bruun Maja Elisabeth 기자   2020-06-03
[Feature] Instagrammable Trends: Social Media Impacts the Lifestyle of the Young Generation
A considerable number of people in their twenties are using Instagram to upload their pictures or ideas these days. They usually get advice
조예린 기자   2020-06-02
[Interview] Daniel Lindemann: “I Want to Serve as a Bridge Between Korea and Germany”
Originally from Germany, Daniel Lindemann has become well-known in South Korea, not only for his charm in TV-shows such as Abnormal Summit b
Maja Elisabeth von Bruun 기자   2020-05-28
[Feature] ‘Lunch Box Talk’ Opens to All Students
Some people say that the essence of social interaction is both a value exchange and a resource exchange. Don't you think that a lunch box al
Wu Xianhui 한국어협동과정 석사과정   2020-04-03
[Feature] Veganism: Direction of Life Beyond Just Eating Habits
These days, more and more people around the world are choosing to become vegan not just for personal tastes and health, but for the protecti
마준희 기자   2020-04-03
[Feature] The First Class: The Story of an International Student Learning Taekwondo
We have all seen it at one point or another. Martial arts. It appears in movies such as Kung Fu Panda, Karate Kid, or just about any series
von Bruun Maja Elisabeth 수습기자   2020-01-08
[People] Employment Supporters: Job Information Bank for Students
According to the Korean Economic Research Institute, 46.1% of university students said that the environment for new recruitment is harder th
이은지 기자   2019-11-18
[Cover Story] Makerspaces for People with Special Needs
With the emergence of different types of makerspaces in Korea, maker culture is currently spreading all over the country. In Gwangju, there
김은진 기자   2019-11-18
[Feature] Soundscape of the Campus Festival
The Term “Soundscape” was coined by Canadian composer R. Murray Schafer and refers to our sonic environment, the ever-present array of noise
김은진 기자   2019-11-15
[Cover Story] Makerspaces: Hubs for Maker Culture and Innovative Sharing
People called makers who are making products by themselves have contributed to the beginning of the ‘Maker Movement,’ which is a cultural tr
박민지 기자   2019-11-15
[People] Student Councils: Representatives Acting on the Behalf of Students
When you experience an inconvenience or a problem on campus in your college life, you may want to express your opinion on the concern to sch
김은진 기자   2019-09-11
[Cover Story] Travel Has Positive Influences on Society
Tourism experts suggested that the Korean tourism trend in 2019 is a ‘non-guided tour’. This analysis indicates the people’s demand for seek
이소현 기자   2019-09-11
[Cover Story] Making a Sustainable Trip to Balsan Village
While travelling to famous tourist attractions, tourists usually focus on visiting hot places in their destinations without considering the
조예린 기자   2019-09-11
[Feature] ‘Na Na Land’: Loving and Appreciating Myself
A new lifestyle named “Na Na land” emerges as one of this year’s top trends in Korea. In the new expression ‘na’ means ‘I’ in Korean and an
차장원 기자   2019-05-16
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