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[In-depth Report] Smoking on Campus: Yes or No?
Last April 30th, some female students came together in front of College of Humanities Building 3 at Chonnam National University (CNU). They
임선영 기자   2013-09-09
[In-depth Report] Ranked 700 on the Waiting List
Ranked 700 on the Waiting List for a Dormitory Room? By Um So-min, Tribune Reporter Finding a good place to live for a semester is the most
엄소민 기자   2010-04-06
[In-depth Report] Tuition Freeze, No Problems?
On January 12th, Chonnam National University (CNU) announced a tuition freeze for this year, continuing from last year’s policy to help ease
전주희 기자   2010-03-11
[In-depth Report] Library Must Meet Student Needs
Have you ever seen the ‘Red Hill’ in the lobby of the Main Library of Chonnam National University (CNU)? Its vivid red color and huge size i
장민 객원기자   2009-11-23
[In-depth Report] Campus Bookstore Has Changed
Campus Bookstore Has Changed By Lee Ji-woo, Tribune Reporter Do you remember the long line that stretched from the door of the campus bookst
이지우 기자   2009-09-10
[In-depth Report] Multicultural Society: Important Social Task Gwangju
Multicultural Society: Important Social Task Gwangju By Kim Yenari, Guest Reporter As we further step into the era of ‘Cultural Nomads,’ the
김예나리 객원기자   2009-05-31
[In-depth Report] Do You Feel Safe and Comfortable on Campus?
Do You Feel Safe and Comfortableon Campus? By Choi Hye-seon, Tribune Reporter Do you know the Road Traffic Act does not apply to roads on ca
최혜선 기자   2009-05-24
[In-depth Report] Let’s Create a Unified Freshmen Welcoming Program
Let’s Createa Unified Freshmen Welcoming Program By Lim Seon-hye, Tribune Reporter Before the first semester of this year started, new stude
임선혜 기자   2009-03-21
[In-depth Report] What is Wrong, Electronic Attendance System or Our Conscience?
Electronic Attendance System, What is Wrong? By Kim Ji-eun, Student Editor Chonnam National University (CNU) has introduced a digital and mu
김지은 기자   2008-11-26
[In-depth Report] Demolition VS Preservation
Demolition VS PreservationThe Former Provincial Office in Gwangju By Kim Ye-nari, Guest Reporter The sky was gloomier than usual on that day
김예나리 객원기자   2008-09-16
[In-depth Report] BTL, Better or Worse?
BTL, Better or Worse? By Kwon Jeong-ha, Student Editor Chonnam National University (CNU) has changed its Residence Hall System by introducin
권정하 기자   2008-09-15
[In-depth Report] The Culture Hub City of Asia Is ‘Us’, Not ‘Them’
We Do not Need Supremacist Logos Anymore By Kim, Dae-seung, Ph.D. in Public Administration, Research Fellow at the Jeonnam Research Institu
김대성 전남발전연구원 연구원   2008-05-29
[In-depth Report] We Need to Make Our Campus Clean
We Need to Make Our Campus CleanBy Ryu Seung-hyi, Student Editor Every March, you can see various types of club posters everywhere on campu
류승희 기자   2008-05-21
[In-depth Report] The Controversy over Canal Projects in Korea
The Controversy over Canal Projects in Korea By Cheon Deuk-yeom, Professor, Ex-Director of Yeongsan River Research Institute A canal is an a
천득염 교수   2008-03-10
[In-depth Report] Space for Students Is Not Enough?
Space for Students Is Not Enough? By Kwon Ji-hye, Student Editor Chonnam National University (CNU) has constructed new lecture rooms and bui
권지혜 기자   2008-03-10
[In-depth Report] Leave of Absence: A Double-edged Sword
Leave of Absence: A Double-edged Sword It can help you but also harm youBy Gim Ye-seul, Student Editor During our parents’ generation, only
김예슬 기자   2007-11-26
[In-depth Report] Can Local Companies Be Revived?
Can Local Companies Be Revived?By Gi Yong-ho, Guest Reporter It has been five months since Big Mart announced it would sell most of its disc
기용호 객원기자   2007-09-19
[In-depth Report] Reports Need Red Comments
Reports Need Red CommentsBy Lee Han-na, Student Editor How many students got personal comments on their reports by professors last semester?
이한나 기자   2007-09-09
[In-depth Report] In-depth Report
Aren’t you familiar with this procedure? It is a typical occurrence when students are trying to complete their report assignments. It’s kind
Shin Hwa-jeong   2006-11-29
[In-depth Report] Local Focus
You Jung-sang   2006-11-29
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