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[Gallery] CNU International Day
CNU hosted a cultural event to celebrate its 2021 International Day for foreign students on Nov. 24. It encouraged international and Korean
홍주연 기자   2021-12-10
[Campus News] Gwangju International Development Cooperation Center Opens
A ceremony was held to mark the opening of the Gwangju International Development Cooperation Center of Chonnam National University on Dec. 9
백두진 기자   2021-12-09
[Gallery] CNU Animal Hospital Opening Ceremony
The Opening Ceremony of the CNU Animal Hospital took place on Nov. 24.
이은지 기자   2021-11-25
[Campus News] CNU Holds International Day Festival
CNU hosted a cultural festival to celebrate its 2021 International Day for foreign students on Nov. 24. It aimed to encourage international
홍주연 기자   2021-11-25
[Gallery] Student Council Election Day
홍주연 기자   2021-11-23
[Campus News] Student Council Elections Underway Today
The elections for the 2022 Student Councils of each college at CNU will be held online on Nov. 23. The Central Election Management Committee
홍주연 기자   2021-11-19
[Campus News] CNU to Establish Graduate School of Data Science
Chonnam National University (CNU) will establish the Graduate School of Data Science (GSDS) next year to cultivate the next generation of da
백두진 기자   2021-11-19
[Campus News] CNU to Open Newly Established Animal Hospital
CNU will open its newly established Animal Hospital to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the College of Veterinary Medicine in 2022. The hos
Maja Elisabeth von Bruun 객원기자   2021-11-19
[Campus News] CNU Students’ Movie Gets Invited to Film Festival
CNU students were officially invited to screen in the non-competition category of a film festival with their short film. They also received
홍지우 기자   2021-11-19
[Campus News] CNU Museum Wins Award for University Museum of the Year 2021
The CNU Museum won the 2021 University Museum of the Year Award from the Korean Association of University Museums on October 14. It was sele
이은지 기자   2021-11-19
[Campus News] Faculty Council Begins Its Deliberative Process
The 19th Faculy Council of CNU, officially launched last September, has been undertaking its duties as one of the consultant bodies of the u
조범서 기자   2021-11-19
[News Focus] CNU’s Annual Festival Returns With Hybrid Format
From Sept. 30 to Oct. 1, an annual festival at Chonnam National University organized by the General Student Council (GSC) was held with in-p
홍주연 기자   2021-11-19
[Gallery] CNU's Annual Festival
홍주연 기자   2021-10-13
[Campus News] 2021 CNU Festival "Yongbong Daedongpuri" Underway
2021 CNU Festival "Yongbong Daedongpuri" has been underway for two days now on Yongbong campus since September 30. This event is a festival
홍주연 기자   2021-10-01
[News Focus] Now Is Time to Find Adequate Solutions to Waste Problems on Campus
Over the past couple of years during the COVID-19 pandemic, the quantity of waste generated on the campus of Chonnam National University (CN
조범서 기자   2021-09-10
[Campus News] CNU Welcomes New International Students
CNU provided an orientation session for 65 new international undergraduate students on Gwangju and Yeosu campus respectively on August 31. T
홍주연 수습기자   2021-09-10
[Campus News] CNU to Set Up Metaverse Campus Next Semester
CNU announced on August 20 that it decided to build a virtual campus using “metaverse” technology. CNU has recently launched a Metaverse Cam
백두진 기자   2021-09-10
[Campus News] 2021 CNU International Summer Session Successfully Finished
CNU held a virtual farewell ceremony for its 2021 International Summer Session (ISS) on July 21. Korean and international students from 14 d
조범서 수습기자   2021-09-10
[Campus News] CNU Holds Academic Year 2020 Degree Awards Ceremony
Chonnam National University (CNU) held the 2020 degree awards ceremony online on August 26. Because of COVID-19, CNU posted the ceremony on
조예린 기자   2021-08-28
[Campus News] U.S. Students Learn Korean Language and Culture at CNU
Chonnam National University (CNU) has provided intensive Korean Language training to 22 U.S students selected for a Critical Language Schola
Gulirano Gaffarova 기자   2021-08-12
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