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[World Report] Brexit Still Has a Long Way to Go
The United Kingdom (UK) voted to leave the European Union (EU) in the June 23 referendum. Before the referendum many people thought of the U
김해인 객원기자   2016-09-27
[World Report] Digitalcracy Can Be the Alternative to the Current Democracy
Last month, many Korean citizens voted for the candidates who met their political needs in the 2016 General Election. Like this, in represen
나민아 기자   2016-05-24
[World Report] What Is Causing the Donald Trump Phenomenon?
Donald Trump is quite the hot issue of the U.S. presidential election these days. The billionaire is a political outsider but he is supporte
김해인 객원기자   2016-05-17
[World Report] A Global System to Fight Viruses Is Needed
The Zika virus which is suspected as the cause of microcephaly in Brazil is spreading across the world. This outbreak has raised fear and co
김해인 객원기자   2016-04-01
[World Report] Brazil Needs a Rain Dance
A few weeks ago, my Brazilian flat mate showed a video to me. There were people performing a rain dance called ‘chuva’, meaning rain in Port
김성영 해외통신원   2015-03-09
[World Report] China’s War on Air Pollution
In China, the place has become too crowded and people are using up natural resources, polluting the environment with fuels and chemicals. If
Xu Xin, Zhengzhou University,   2015-03-09
[World Report] Eastern Europe Still at War
In the last summer, I travelled around in Eastern European countries. What struck me most was not great palaces and castles, or peoples, lan
이영철, 행정학과 교수   2014-11-13
[World Report] Brazil’s Preparations for 2014 FIFA World Cup
There were two deaths in Brazil recently. One person, a British oil worker, was killed by two gunmen in Rio de Janeiro in an attempted carja
김성영 해외통신원   2014-04-30
[World Report] No Police Brutality in the Community
A 17-year-old boy got tasered by police in Texas last December. According to CNN, a fight took place at Cedar Creek High school. Two girls w
김해인 기자   2014-03-27
[World Report] Flowers That Never Fade
South Korea’s exhibition on Korean enforced sex slaves by Japan during the Second World War at the Angouleme International Comics Festival (
이고은 해외통신원   2014-03-11
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