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[Howdy] How to Forge International Friendships
As a foreigner, making friends with Korean students is not easy. There are not many programs on campus that give us the opportunity to do so
von Bruun Maja Elisabeth 수습기자   2019-11-19
[Howdy] Garbage and Recycling on Campus
It is not hard to find overflowing garbage cans and recyclable trash put into the wrong bins on campus. There are no bins to recycle properl
조예린 수습기자   2019-10-07
[Howdy] Course Registration System
During the course registration period for this semester, students complained about the lack of seats in mandatory courses and online registr
박민지 수습기자   2019-10-07
[Howdy] Verification of Cabinet Nominees
Last August, controversy continued over a nominee for Justice Minister Cho Kuk’s corruption allegations surrounding his family, including hi
조예린 수습기자   2019-10-07
[Howdy] Boycott Japan Movement
The movement of boycotting Japanese products and traveling to Japan has been launched in Korea in response to Japan imposing export restrict
박민지 수습기자   2019-10-07
[Howdy] Anti-abortion Law Ruled Unconstitutional
It is good that the anti-abortion law was ruled as unconstitutional last April in Korea. The law has been ineffective. It protects only the
김은진 기자   2019-05-20
[Howdy] Films about Sewol Ferry Disaster
I heard that there were concerns about the recently released commercial films about the Sewol ferry tragedy, and ”Jo Pil-Ho: The Drawing Rag
김은진 기자   2019-05-20
[Howdy] Taxis and Carpool Service
Both taxis and carpool services have their pros and cons. Carpooling is an easy way for people to make money using their own car and a great
백두진 기자   2019-04-01
[Howdy] Campus Life Information Update
The election for the 2019 General Student Council (GSC) will take place on Tuesday, November 20, 2018. The Chonnam Tribune asked students fo
차장원 기자   2018-11-19
[Howdy] English Language Service Made a Huge Improvement for International Students
The English language version of CNU portal website, newly provided from last spring semester, enabled international students to have a bette
이소이 객원기자   2018-09-17
[Howdy] Safer Society after the Inter-Korean Summit
On April 28, 2018, Korea had one of its historical moments. Moon Jae-in and Kim Jong-un met on the tense border that cleaved the Korean peni
이소이 객원기자   2018-09-17
[Howdy] Information on Online Credit Check Sheet for Graduation Is Needed for Freshmen
When students face the time to think about their graduation, one thing that they must take a careful look at is the table of required credit
이소이 객원기자   2018-09-17
[Howdy] Political Fund Law Should Be Revised
Lawmakers in Korea are currently raising their voices to revise the political fund law which has allowed them to use the funds without overs
이소이 객원기자   2018-09-17
[Howdy] MeToo Movement
I think #MeToo movement has affected our society. People who were silent about this offence are now coming forward and accepting the truth o
Alvina Joanna, Guest Reporter   2018-03-28
[Howdy] What Do You Think about Issues?
The Chonnam Tribune asked students for their opinions on domestic and on-campus issues. Why don’t you read this article and make your own op
박선아/차장원 수습기자   2017-11-13
[Howdy] What Do You Think about It?
Blind Recruiting at Public Sector President Moon Jae-in last June called for blind recruiting to be implemented in public corporations and a
Chonnam Tribune   2017-09-12
[Howdy] More Cultural Activities for International Students
As an exchange student, I had to choose some specific classes this semester. I could not receive any instruction messages, so I had difficul
최해리 기자   2017-03-13
[Howdy] Choi Soon-sill Scandal
Korean’s democracy was realized by the noble sacrifice of numerous people for several decades. However, the society has lost trust because o
김유나 기자   2016-11-25
[Howdy] Baek Nam-gi’s Death Certificate
Na Eun-ji (Sophomore, Department of English Education) The funeral for activist farmer Baek Nam-gi, who was struck by a police' water cannon
김유나 기자   2016-11-25
[Howdy] Earthquake Response System of South Korea
Lim Hyeong-cheon (Senior, Faculty of Economics) Last September, there were two strong earthquakes of magnitude 5.1 and 5.8 respectively in G
오희수 객원기자   2016-11-25
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