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[Gallery] Performing Bizet's Opera 'Carmen'
The Department of Music at Chonnam National University celebrated the univerisity's 70th anniversary with Georges Bizet's "Carmen."
김예린 수습기자, 정세혁 수습기자   2022-06-09
[Gallery] Natural Science College's Athletic Meet
홍주연 기자   2022-06-03
[Gallery] Flea Market Held
김시연 수습기자 / 이유니 수습기자   2022-05-26
[Gallery] Burning Incense at a Memorial Altar for Park Seung-hee
University students from other regions burning incense at a memorial altar for Park Seung-hee on May 15
홍주연 기자   2022-05-18
[Gallery] Fundraising Event for Ukraine
Students purchasing a succulent plant aimed at a fundraising event for Ukraine organized by the Department of English Language and Literatur
김예린 수습기자   2022-05-03
[Gallery] Queue for Drinks
조범서 기자   2022-04-20
[Gallery] Red Apricot Flowers
조범서 기자   2022-03-22
[Gallery] Students at the University Book Store
조범서 기자   2022-03-07
[Gallery] Graduation Celebrations
조범서 기자   2022-02-25
[Gallery] CNU International Day
CNU hosted a cultural event to celebrate its 2021 International Day for foreign students on Nov. 24. It encouraged international and Korean
홍주연 기자   2021-12-10
[Gallery] CNU Animal Hospital Opening Ceremony
The Opening Ceremony of the CNU Animal Hospital took place on Nov. 24.
이은지 기자   2021-11-25
[Gallery] Student Council Election Day
홍주연 기자   2021-11-23
[Gallery] CNU's Annual Festival
홍주연 기자   2021-10-13
[Gallery] U.S. Students Experiencing Korean Culture
Chonnam National University has provided intensive Korean language training to 22 U.S. students selected for a Critical Language Scholarship
Gulirano Gaffarova 기자   2021-07-23
[Gallery] CNU Hosts Online College and Career Fair
Chonnam National University (CNU) hosted an online College and Career Fair to help middle and high school students plan their future career
Maja Elisabeth von Bruun 기자   2021-05-31
[Gallery] A Group Memorial Altar Set Up at Bongji for Martyrs
박민지 기자   2021-05-14
[Gallery] Jeongbomaru on April 8
Students are studying and searching for information and materials with IT equipment at a newly established digital library “Jeongbomaru” tha
박민지 기자   2021-04-08
[Gallery] #Save Myanmar
박민지 기자   2021-04-02
[Gallery] Red Apricot Flowers
During the early spring, students and local residents enjoy taking pictures in front of the "Red Apricot Flowers" near the Minjumaru on Yong
박민지 기자   2021-03-19
[Gallery] CNU Arboretum
최예진 수습기자   2020-09-11
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