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[Information] CNU Library
CNU Library has been recruiting book clubs for the 2022 Gwangju and Jeonnam Read and Talks program and will continue to do so until May 29.
전남대 외국인 유학생 서포터즈   2022-05-20
[Information] CNU Sports Center
CNU Sports Center offers sports facilities to students and residents, including a sports complex, a futsal arena, and a tennis court. Reserv
전남대 외국인 유학생 서포터즈   2022-05-20
[Information] International Student Identity Cards
International Student Identity Cards can be issued online. Upon completion and academic approval of your application, a text message will be
전남대 외국인 유학생 서포터즈   2022-05-20
[Information] Do Dream e-Portfolio
Do Dream e-Portfolio is a system that helps students manage various portfolio materials on the website. To access the website, click Do Drea
전남대 외국인 유학생 서포터즈   2022-05-20
[Information] Certificate Issuance Service
Certificate Issuance Service is available by certificate issuance machines located on the 1st floor of the Administration Headquarters and t
전남대 외국인 유학생 서포터즈   2022-05-20
[English] he Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
The Chonnam Tribune has published this page in collaboration with the members of English clubs at Chonnam National University in this issue.
Echo Members   2022-05-20
[Information] Covid-19 Booster Shots
Covid-19 Booster Shots are strongly recommended to foreign exchange students living in Korea. For those who have had their shots in Korea pr
Intl. Student Supporters   2022-03-18
[Information] Off-Campus Shuttle Buses
Off-Campus Shuttle Buses have been operating for the convenience of students at Yongbong Campus since March 2. The buses are available to ri
Intl. Student Supporters   2022-03-18
[Information] Student Mail (Office365) & Messenger Services
Student Mail (Office365) & Messenger Services are free for every student at CNU. While you are attending the university, MS office programs
Intl. Student Supporters   2022-03-18
[Information] Academic Operation Plans
Academic Operation Plans for this first semester have been announced. In the case of theoretical classes, face-to-face classes will be condu
Intl. Student Supporters   2022-03-18
[Information] Mobile Library Application
Mobile Library Application can be used after installing it from Google Play Store or Apple Store. Students need to scan a QR code for their
Intl. Student Supporters   2022-03-18
[Ketchup-Movie] Don't Look Up
The Chonnam Tribune has published this page in collaboration with the members of English clubs at Chonnam National University from this issu
영어동아리 ESU 회원들   2022-03-17
[Information] Online English Proofreading Service
Online English Proofreading Service is being provided by the Writing Lab at the CNU Language Education Center. It is a one-on-one English pr
Intl. Student Supporters   2021-11-23
[Information] 2021 International Day Festival
2021 International Day Festival will be held in front of Yongbonggwan from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. on November 24. The event is planned and conduct
Intl. Student Supporters   2021-11-23
[Information] Hangeul Day Festival
Hangeul Day Festival will be held in conjunction with the International Day Festival. This festival booth consists of five things; the first
Intl. Student Supporters   2021-11-23
[Information] Jeongbomaru Extends Its Opening Hours
Jeongbomaru, so-called Digital Library, has extended its opening hours on Saturday since October 16. The period will continue to exist until
Intl. Student Supporters   2021-11-23
[Information] A Phased Recovery of Daily Life
A Phased Recovery of Daily Life is changing our daily lifestyles, as part of the “With Corona” policy. Private gatherings allowed have exten
Intl. Student Supporters   2021-11-23
[Ketchup-Movie] Seaspiracy
Sylvia Earle: Look in the mirror, figure it out. Go for it*.From Seaspiracy* Go for it: It refers to seeking a particular purpose adamantly.
이다현 수습기자   2021-11-19
[Information] CNU’s Annual Festival
CNU’s Annual Festival will take place from September 30 to October 1 via an on- line platform. The General Student Council has been preparin
Intl. Student Supporters   2021-09-10
[Information] CNU International Student Club
CNU International Student Club is the only global club for international students on campus. The CIC’s main activities include volunteer wor
Intl. Student Supporters   2021-09-10
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