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[Information] Healthy Breakfast Service
Healthy Breakfast Service is offered to students for 1,000 won at campus cafeterias located in the Student Union 2 building, Residence Halls
외국인 학생 서포터즈(CIS)   2020-04-06
[Information] Mobile Library Seat Management Application
Mobile Library Seat Management Application allows students to use seats in reading rooms and facilities such as group study rooms and semina
외국인 학생 서포터즈(CIS)   2020-04-06
[Information] English-speaking Taekwondo Class for international students
English-speaking Taekwondo Class for international students recruits new students in April. International students can get a chance to learn
외국인 학생 서포터즈(CIS)   2020-04-06
[Information] Student Union 1 Building Renovation
Student Union 1 Building Renovation will be proceeding until the end of November. Some of the facilities located inside this building are av
외국인 학생 서포터즈(CIS)   2020-04-06
[Information] Tribune to Recruit Cub Reporters
Cub Reporters Wanted[Qualification] All Freshmen & Sophomores[Application Deadline] May 14, Thursday via email to tribune1968@cnumedia.com[I
Chonnam Tribune   2020-04-06
[Ketchup-Movie] Marriage Story
Nicole: Cassie? Cassie: What? Nicole: I’m…I’m putting the envelope over here by the toaster Cassie: Copy you.*From Marriage Story*Cop
나민아 객원기자   2020-04-03
[Information] Student ID Card & Oh! Yes Center
CNU's student ID card allows students to use various facilities inside the campus. With this card, students can enter and reserve a seat in
김은진 기자   2020-03-18
[Information] Safe Return Home Service
CNU offeres the Safe Return Home Service on Yongbong campus. This service is available only to female students who go home in the middle of
김은진 기자   2020-03-18
[Information] Yongji Pond near the back gate
The most peaceful place to spend time is around Yongji Pond near the back gate on Yongbong campus. It is a large artificial pond created in
김은진 기자   2020-03-18
[Information] COVID-19 Guidelines
Chonnam Tribune   2020-03-12
[Information] 2019 CNU Tech Fair
2019 CNU Tech Fair is going to be held from November 20 for three days. Each day, visiting students can get consultations in the field they
이은지 기자   2019-11-20
[Information] Writing Research Papers Workshop
Writing Research Papers Workshop will be held on November 29 in room 109 in the Computing Center on Gwangju campus. The number of participan
이은지 기자   2019-11-20
[Information] DAE-IN Art Night Market
DAE-IN Art Night Market takes place every weekend from 7 p.m. until November 30. There are a variety of events such as performances, flea ma
이은지 기자   2019-11-20
[Information] Challenge Scholarship
Challenge Scholarship will be awarded to six undergraduate international students and the application deadline is December 3, 6 p.m. It is a
이은지 기자   2019-11-20
[Information] ASEAN Cinema Week 2019
ASEAN Cinema Week 2019 is held at Asia Culture Center from December 12 to 13. It is a special screening event showing ten different movies f
이은지 기자   2019-11-20
[Ketchup-Movie] This Changes Everything
Patty Jenkins: This was the make-it-or-break-it* moment. It’s a moment of confidence in decision of what you can do. It’s, it’s not about at
이윤주 기자   2019-11-15
[Ketchup-Movie] Zoe
Emma: Let yourself be happy, please. Cole: I cannot get past* it. I tried. I cannot get past it. Emma: Just get over it. Okay?From Zoe* Get
김은진 기자   2019-09-11
[Information] Lunch Box Talk
Lunch Box Talk is being held every Friday or Thursday in an interview room on the first floor of the Library Annex. This program follows on
이윤주 기자   2019-09-11
[Information] Student Union Buildings Remodeling
Student Union Buildings Remodeling is scheduled to begin at the end of the year, most likely in December. The cafeteria in the Student Union
이윤주 기자   2019-09-11
[Information] CNU’s Annual Festival
CNU’s Annual Festival will be held from September 24 to 26 on Yongbong Campus. This event is one of the amazing festivals that students can
이윤주 기자   2019-09-11
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