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[News Focus] Student’s Right to Learn Should Be Ensured
The government has relaxed social distancing rules including the outdoor mask mandate as the number of COVID-19 cases has declined in recent
이다현 기자   2022-05-21
[News Focus] CNU Adequately Supports International Students to Adapt to Their New Life
International students from different countries all over the world have studied at Chonnam National University (CNU), and the number of the
이은지 기자   2022-03-21
[News Focus] CNU’s Annual Festival Returns With Hybrid Format
From Sept. 30 to Oct. 1, an annual festival at Chonnam National University organized by the General Student Council (GSC) was held with in-p
홍주연 기자   2021-11-19
[News Focus] Now Is Time to Find Adequate Solutions to Waste Problems on Campus
Over the past couple of years during the COVID-19 pandemic, the quantity of waste generated on the campus of Chonnam National University (CN
조범서 기자   2021-09-10
[News Focus] General Student Council Moves to Restore Student Autonomy
The 2021 General Student Council (GSC) at Chonnam National University (CNU) has been officially launched. After the presidential by-election
백두진 기자   2021-06-01
[News Focus] The Crisis in Student Self-Government
Chonnam National University (CNU) has been facing a crisis of student autonomy. The General Student Council has not been formed for the last
백두진 기자   2021-03-19
[News Focus] Course Registration Is for Whom?
Course registration at Chonnam National University (CNU) comes with problems every semester. In the first semester of this year, students sa
한승환 기자   2020-11-20
[News Focus] It Is Time to Make a Better Semester
The fall semester at Chonnam National University (CNU) has begun, but students are still confused and worried about the university’s flexibl
박민지 기자   2020-09-11
[News Focus] The University Should Have Better Prepared for Online Classes
In order to support the social distancing policies that stop the spread of COVID-19 in South Korea, Chonnam National University (CNU) decide
박민지 기자   2020-05-28
[News Focus] Waste Sorting Required to Make a Green Campus
Chonnam National University (CNU) has organized various programs related to becoming a green campus, aiming to raise awareness among its mem
조예린 기자   2019-11-18
[News Focus] Practical Solution Should Be Taken to Stop Seat Privatization
Have you ever experienced a lack of seats in a student lounge or a reading room in your college at Chonnam National University (CNU)? Many s
이은지 기자   2019-09-10
[News Focus] Students Want Better Learning Environments
Students are not happy with the learning environment at Chonnam National University (CNU). They have expressed their discontent over dust an
이소현 기자   2019-05-16
[News Focus] University Needs to Better Inform Students of Curriculum Reorganization
Chonnam National University (CNU) has reorganized its undergraduate liberal arts curriculum 2019-2022 in order to offer students the flexibi
박선아 기자   2019-04-03
[News Focus] Yongbong ‘Daedongpuri’ Should Bring CNUians ‘Together’
Will the 2018 CNU Festival be remembered as the most successful festival ever? It might be true if it was for the celebrities alone, as ther
이윤주 기자   2018-11-16
[News Focus] The University Continues to Improve Student-oriented Convenience Facilities
A professor tells students to find some materials about a class subject with their smartphones during class. The students try starting the i
차장원 기자   2018-09-10
[News Focus] Intensive Korean Language Training Course: Some Improvement Needed
As CNU becomes more globalized, many international students from different parts of the world want to enroll at the university. Just as the
ImarovaMokhinur 기자 / 나민아 기자   2018-05-21
[News Focus] We Need to Take Action and Enjoy Club Activities
Clubs on campus are possibly one of the single most important aspects of a student’s life. They are places of friendship, personal growth, c
Khamdamova Nigina 기자   2018-03-09
[News Focus] What Is the Purpose of Universities?
There is a consensus that the roles of universities are changing in modern society, even though universities essentially devoted to educatio
김유나 기자   2017-05-12
[News Focus] General Student Council Should Be Related to Students
Last year, Chonnam National University (CNU) failed to elect a president for the 49th General Student Council (GSC) due to the low turnout o
이윤주 기자   2017-03-20
[News Focus] What Students Expect from University Library
Chonnam National University (CNU) is currently renovating campuses and part of the renovation includes a new digital library. Construction o
이경륜 기자   2016-11-22
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