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[Contribution] International Students Change the Atmosphere on Campus
Every year around the beginning of November, Chonnam National University (CNU) hosts its “International Day” event on campus. Since internat
박철휘, 경영학부 3학년   2019-12-04
[Contribution] The Best Magazine I Have Read Ever
I can find useful information and read interesting stories from this magazine. I should have read it earlier. But I did not know about this
박영화, 수학과 4학년   2019-10-07
[Contribution] Dilemma About Learning Foreign Languages Practically
On the cover page of the last issue, there is one Korean student and some foreign students. Before reading the Cover Story, I roughly expect
탁우성, 수학과 4학년   2019-05-20
[Contribution] Indispensable Information on Diverse Programs
It is interesting to pinpoint that issue No.353 was written perfectly. There are numerous reasons to prove the fact in this article. Firstly
Nargizakhon Iskandarova   2019-05-20
[Contribution] Tribune: The Good and the Missing
I got to know about the magazine named ‘Chonnam Tribune’ by chance. Overall, it was a magazine that could provide useful information in many
윤신애, 환경에너지공학과 4학년   2019-05-20
[Contribution] Chonnam Tribune: Useful Magazine for Students
Overall the Chonnam Tribune's 352nd issue had good stories about useful and interesting topics. The first article, Desk Column, gave me usef
연유경, 경영학부 4학년생   2019-04-15
[Contribution] My Initial and Breathtaking Impression
It is an undeniable fact that the Tribune magazine has provided me with valuable sources of information that can assist readers in various o
Rojiev Muhammadamin   2019-04-15
[Contribution] Eureka! Two Suggestions for Tribune
My opinions in this review about the last Tribune magazine are going to be separated into three categories; design, contents, and compositio
임형윤, 경제학과 4학년생   2018-03-26
[Contribution] Tribune Is an Informative Magazine to Broaden Students’ Horizons
The last issue, number 348, was dedicated to CNU life alterations as well as various types of interesting topics. The decoration was done pe
Nargizakhon Iskandarova   2018-03-26
[Contribution] Wando Jangbogo Fishery Festival May 2016.
GFN 98.7 FM is hosting another FREE event. Wando Jangbogo Fishery Festival 2016, GFN Amazing Race with GFN 98.7 FM. Team ‘Zalmi’ & ‘Pak’ gro
Muhammad Umar PhD Student   2016-05-17
[Contribution] Yeogam Wagin Culture Festival 2016
GFN 98.7 FM is hosting another FREE event. Yeogam Wagin Culture Festival 2016, First Annual GFN Amazing Race Team ‘PAK’ & ‘Zalmi’ group of C
Muhammad Umar PhD Student   2016-05-17
[Contribution] My Story
“The true measure of success is how many times you can bounce back from failure.”- Stephen Richards My name is Muhammad Umar. I am from Paki
Muhammad Umar 경영전문대학원 박사과정   2015-06-17
[Contribution] Human Rights: A Challenge for the Present Society
What Are Human Rights? If this question is put to a person, he would give his version of just two or three rights he is aware of. But then t
Surgit Singh Puri 한국어강좌 수강생   2014-09-30
[Contribution] Working Holiday in Australia
[Reader's Contribution] Written by the same force which a brother like this article. Post writing is also not for anyone, not even to write
한두섭 식품공학과 08학번   2014-08-21
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