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[Special Report] Changing Second-hand Culture
On November 13rd, we heard people’s voices from the Chonnam National University (CNU) flea market hosted by RESTU, a marketing club at CNU.
임선영 기자   2013-12-09
[Special Report] Extensive Reading Makes You a Better Person!
The decline in reading books has been an issue in our society and university students seem to be included in the area. According to the Univ
김해인 기자   2013-11-14
[Special Report] Library Changes: Improving Services
Chonnam National University (CNU) will provide students with enhanced library services and resources. The CNU Library received about 80 mill
조세현 기자   2013-11-12
[Special Report] Reading Programs: Encouraging Students to Read Good Books
CNU operates various reading programs such as the Library’s Reading Club and “Dadok-Dadok” from the Center for Teaching and Learning. Some d
조세현 기자   2013-11-12
[Special Report] Busking : Art of Street
Recently, we can see people, so-called buskers who are singing or playing a musical instrument on the streets around Chonnam National Univer
임선영 기자   2013-10-04
[Special Report] Busking: No Less than Any Other Form of High Art
In Britain, buskers were commonly known as minstrels until the 20th century. It is very common to see buskers on the high streets (shopping
Ross Brown 교환학생   2013-10-04
[Special Report] Attractive Places on Yongbong Campus
The Chonnam Tribune inquired about attractive places on Yongbong campus on Facebook and selected five places that students recommended. - Ed
황재형 기자   2013-09-09
[Special Report] Let’s Make a Better Campus
As a new semester begins, the university campus is full of energy from its students. Some students are running along the streets on campus s
손현지 기자   2013-09-09
[Special Report] University-Industry Collaboration Activities
The University-Industry Liaison Office of CNU was established on February 5th, 2004 to promote industrial development through the research o
허지연 객원기자   2013-06-03
[Special Report] Global Social Contribution Activities
The domain of social contribution activities of Chonnam National University (CNU) is becoming globalized. The School of Dentistry and Medica
윤지연 객원기자   2013-06-03
[Special Report] CNU Embracing Community beyond the University
In a modern knowledge-based society, it is emphasized that universities should contribute to the development of neighboring communities and
손현지 기자   2013-06-03
[Special Report] Shuttle Bus Service Needs Improvement
iRecently, complaints have arisen regarding the shuttle bus service bridging between Gwangju and Yeosu campuses of Chonnam National Universi
김준성 객원기자   2013-05-21
[Special Report] Enough Seats for Studying at CNU?
Two months ago, there was a documentary on channel KBS1, called ‘Homo academicus’, which tracks the best way of studying for men. The docume
허지윤 객원기자   2013-05-21
[Special Report] Facilities for the Disabled Students
What facilities does Chonnam National University (CNU) provide to disabled students? There was a total of 31 disabled students at CNU last y
손현지 기자   2013-05-21
[Special Report] Student-centered Management Needed
Student-centered Facilities Management NeededWho are the convenient facilities operated for? By Kim Su-yeon, Tribune Reporter Convenient fa
김수연 기자   2013-05-13
[Special Report] Collegiate Sport Culture in Canada
Collegiate Sport Culture in Canada By Luke Hyeon Kwan Shin, Guest Reporter The University of Alberta (UOA) has Golden Bears, representing th
Luke Hyeon Kwan Shin   2013-04-06
[Special Report] Spaces for Sports or Physical Activities
Spaces for Sports or Physical ActivitiesBy Kim Su-yeon, Tribune Reporter On the Yongbong campus of Chonnam National University (CNU), there
김수연 기자   2013-04-06
[Special Report] Playing or Watching: How Do You Enjoy Sports?
Express Your Youth through Sports Activities Sports season is about to bloom in Korea – the opening of Korean professional sports leag
편자성 기자   2013-04-05
[Special Report] General Classes in the U.S. Help Students to Know Themselves
General Classes in the U.S. Help Students to Know Themselves By Yoon Soo-hong, Overseas Correspondent As a general concept, US students spen
윤수홍 해외통신원   2013-03-11
[Special Report] ”We Will Make an Effort to Achieve General Education’s Goal”
”We Will Make an Effort to Achieve General Education’s Goal” By Lim Seon-young, Tribune Reporter The Center for General Education (CGE) was
임선영 기자   2013-03-11
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