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[People] Artery: Animal Clinical Club Exploring Veterinary Medicine
As of last year, 5.91 million households in Korea raised 8.56 companion animals, according to a survey result released by the Ministry of Ag
김은진 기자   2020-06-03
[People] Employment Supporters: Job Information Bank for Students
According to the Korean Economic Research Institute, 46.1% of university students said that the environment for new recruitment is harder th
이은지 기자   2019-11-18
[People] Student Councils: Representatives Acting on the Behalf of Students
When you experience an inconvenience or a problem on campus in your college life, you may want to express your opinion on the concern to sch
김은진 기자   2019-09-11
[People] Student Ambassadors: Special Guides to Campus Visitors
Do you remember students in uniforms who guided prospective students and visitors from around the world walking on campus? You do not often
Khamdamova Nigina 기자 /이윤주 기자   2019-05-16
[People] CIS: ‘Avengers’ for International Students
Have you ever heard about “CIS” and wondered what it stands for? It is an abbreviation for Chonnam National University International Support
ImarovaMokhinur 기자   2019-03-16
[People] Kim Phil-kyu, JTBC Reporter to fact-check factual assertions
A news program attracts young people because of its new format of fact checking politician’s statements and commonly accepted views. It is J
김유나 기자   2016-03-21
[People] GFN’s CNUians
Many of you probably want to tell your story to the public. These days, most university students are familiar with social media to share the
김선우 객원기자   2015-09-08
[People] Muslim Students Studying at CNU
How many Korean students have experienced talking to Muslim students? Probably, only a few students would have done that because it has been
김선우 객원기자   2015-05-11
[People] "저는 말레이시아 사람이에요"
People here often have the perception that my friends and I are not Malaysian. Yes, they know that we are from the South-East Asian region b
Aaron Denison   2013-11-18
[People] Making a Precious Relationship with ISS at CNU
The Chonnam Tribune introduces two foreign professors who have a relationship with Chonnam National University and their book that recently
손현지 기자   2013-10-04
[People] Thinking Big
During last summer vacation, Chonnam National University (CNU) opened its 2012 International Summer Session (ISS). It provided high quality
Rigoberto Banta Jr. 기자   2012-09-25
[People] My Second Home
My Second Home By Rigoberto Banta Jr., Student Editor Nop Sophea Donang, known to most of his friends a Donang, is a Cambodian alumnus of Ch
Rigoberto Banta Jr. 기자   2012-06-04
[People] CNU Is the Best Memory for Me
The third student that I interviewed is one of our alumnae, Yu Yajing, who graduated from Chonnam National University (CNU) in 2011. She cur
이유림 객원기자   2012-05-18
[People] "CNU Is a School of Love and Success!"
The second student that I Interviewed is one of our graduate students, Thanh Mai Nguyen (Vietnam, Economics, Korean Government Scholarship A
이유림 객원기자   2012-04-06
[People] Make Your School Life a Land of Opportunity
Chonnam National University (CNU) is changing into a global university every day. More and more MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) contracts
이유림 객원기자   2012-03-07
[People] Elena and Liudmila at CNU
Russians, Far but Close and Warm at CNU By Han Su-yeon, Tribune Reporter Russia, the biggest country in the world, the home of Lenin, Stali
한수연 기자   2011-09-09
[People] Be Thankful for the People Closest to You
Be Thankful for the People Closest to You By Park Hyo-gyeong, Head Student Editor How often do you say “Thank you!” to the people closest t
박효경 편집국장   2011-05-17
[People] Joyful Comeback to CNU!
Joyful Comeback to CNU! By Kim Sun-woo, Tribune Reporter How many people on our campus can picture an image of Chonnam National University
김선우 기자   2011-01-20
[People] LEC's Popular Teachers
The LEC’s Popular Teachers By Kim Han-na, Tribune Reporter It is no longer an unfamiliar sight to see Korean students saying hello to forei
김한나 기자   2011-01-19
[People] Language Barriers Are Nothing
Language Barriers Are Nothing- Choi Hyeon-ran, An Intern at Gwangju International Center - By Kim Han-na, Tribune Reporter Do you have forei
김한나 기자   2010-12-20
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