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[Culture & Life] “Healthy Pleasure”: The Rise of MZ Generation’s New Health Trend
COVID-19 has drastically shifted the focus on health from treatment to prevention. The younger generation is trying to prevent getting sick
연민선 객원기자   2022-05-20
[Culture & Life] Fun-Efficiency Continues to Dominate the Marketing World
A fried egg-shaped jelly, a slaps candy and a green onion-flavored cereal. These “funsumer” products have been popular among teenagers and y
이다현 기자   2022-03-21
[Culture & Life] New Daily Life in Canada
Before I left Korea, the preparation process was not easy because of the corona virus. Even when I arrived in Canada, I experienced self-iso
조예린 해외통신원   2022-03-17
[Culture & Life] Rotaract: Building a Virtuous Cycle for a Better World
Most of us who live in a community and form a society want to live in a good environment. To live in a better world, we should make an effor
Em Milana 기자   2021-11-19
[Culture & Life] Traveling Around the World Through Food
We go on trips to eat distinctive and delicious regional food across the country, and while traveling abroad, we try to have foods that are
이은지 기자   2021-11-19
[Culture & Life] Yellow Bike: Taking a Trip with Childhood Memories
The Chonnam Tribune provides information about student clubs at Chonnam National University (CNU) on this page from the 361st issue. It is h
이은지 기자   2021-09-10
[Culture & Life] LPG: Light Up the World With People
Like the lyrics “shining, shimmering, splendid” in the song “ A Whole New World” from Disney’s Aladin, there is a student-led club with the
마준희 기자   2021-05-21
[Culture & Life] Bringing Korean Tradition Back Into the 21st Century
With every passing year, traditional culture becomes a more and more distant thing. It happens all over the world as countries advance and l
von Bruun Maja Elisabeth 기자   2021-03-19
[Culture & Life] We’ll Always Find Fun: Things We Can Do During the COVID-19 Quarantine
Flowers had bloomed and a gentle breeze had touched the new leaves of the trees. Spring has come and gone without anyone enjoying it. Our li
나민아 객원기자   2020-05-27
[Culture & Life] Untact Service: Technology and Consumers' Changing Needs
With development of technology, people can purchase goods and services without direct contact with others. The services are called “untact”
마준희 수습기자   2020-01-13
[Culture & Life] Taking a Real Photo to Record My Own Time
Taking a unique style of photo in a distinctive studio is in vogue among the young generation. As showing one’s identity and personal sensib
이소현 기자   2019-11-15
[Culture & Life] Makerspaces for People with Special Needs
With the emergence of different types of makerspaces in Korea, maker culture is currently spreading all over the country. In Gwangju, there
김은진 기자   2019-11-15
[Culture & Life] ‘Home Ludens’: Playing and Healing at Home
The number of people who enjoy spending time at home is increasing. They are called ‘Home Ludens’ that is a term borrowed from Johan Huizing
박민지 기자   2019-09-11
[Culture & Life] What I Learned in Norway
I can still describe so vividly how the first day of my life as an exchange student was in Norway. Not only was I all alone in the country,
박수민 영어교육학과 4학년   2019-05-20
[Culture & Life] Newtro Culture: Reimagine the Past Through New Taste
An application called ‘Gudak Cam’ is famous among young people. With characteristics of film cameras, this application is one of the typical
김은진 수습기자   2019-03-16
[Culture & Life] Exchange Student Life: A Precious Memory in My Life
I studied at the University of Warsaw (UW) in Poland for the 2018/2019 fall semester through the Erasmus student exchange program. There are
박주현 경영학부 4학년   2019-03-16
[Culture & Life] Misunderstanding and Understanding of Feminism
Feminism as a Hot Issue Recently, interest in feminism is hot in Korean society. In 2016, there was a murder case in Gangnam Station, a pers
김경례 사회학과 강사   2018-09-07
[Culture & Life] My Healthcare Experience in South Korea as a Foreigner
On orientation day, international students were first urged to fill in forms for medical insurance; it somehow suggested the importance of h
Lee Suk Pei NGO협동과정 석사과정   2018-05-11
[Culture & Life] Three Things You Need to Consider for Choosing Lectures
If anyone has an interest in an international exchange student program (ESP), here are some things you need to consider when choosing lectur
Lee Chan-haeng 경제학부 4학년   2018-03-02
[Culture & Life] Near-Campus Themed Cafés More than Just Coffee Shops
Near the Yongbong campus of Chonnam National University (CNU), there are a number of cafés or coffee shops however places that studen
이성채 기자   2017-09-07
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