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[Into the Campus] Toastmasters: a Forum for English Conversation
These days, speaking English fluently has become important to undergraduates. The capacity, however, is not easy to achieve. This article in
조예린 기자   2021-05-21
[Into the Campus] Language Education Center: a Core Facility to Enhance Students’ Foreign Language Capabilities
Foreign language abilities are needed for many purposes, such as getting scholarships, graduating and getting a job. Thus, many students wan
백두진 기자   2018-11-16
[Into the Campus] We Are Always Open to Students
The Chonnam Tribune interviewed Kim Jong-hee, the dean of ILE, about ILE’s educational programs and what they want from students. – Ed
이은지 기자   2018-03-26
[Into the Campus] Institute of Liberal Education
The Chonnam Tribune provides information about university facilities that are helpful to students’ campus life in this article. – Ed.
차장원 기자   2018-03-09
[Into the Campus] Office of International Affairs: a Hub for Global Campus
As of 2017, Chonnam National University (CNU) has built a global network of about 300 universities in 40 countries all around the world. The
이은지 기자   2017-09-07
[Into the Campus] How About Enjoying the Benefit of Student Organizations?
Student organizations at the university are beneficial to students in that they are great opportunities to create relationships and strength
손현지 기자   2014-03-12
[Into the Campus] Fisheries Science for Regional Development
Yeosu is in the middle of the South Coast and the central axis of marine fisheries and aquiculture. As the city which held Expo 2012, Yeosu
손현지 기자   2013-12-09
[Into the Campus] Becoming a Hub of Automotive Research
The Automotive Research Center (ARC) was established in 1995 by a couple of mechanical engineering professors at Chonnam National University
윤수홍 객원기자   2013-10-04
[Into the Campus] Northumbria University
The Chonnam Tribune provides information about international partner universities CNU students can study abroad from this issue. – Ed.
김해인 기자   2013-09-09
[Into the Campus] How Much Do You Know about Honam Culture?
The Chonnam Tribune introduces CNU’s research institutes and centers in fields of humanities, the arts, natural science and engineering to p
김성영 기자   2013-09-09
[Into the Campus] Do You Know Korean Diaspora?
Do You Know Korean Diaspora? By Kwon Jeong-ha, Student Editor The Research Group for Global Korean Business and Culture (RGGKBC) at Chonnam
권정하 기자   2008-11-26
[Into the Campus] Democratic Fever Still Persists at CNU
By Park Sue-hye, Guest Reporter Every May, the one thing which springs up in the minds of residents of Gwangju is the memory of the May 18
박수혜 객원기자   2008-05-13
[Into the Campus] 65 Million-Year-Old Dinosaurs Are Growing at CNU!
Have you ever been interested in dinosaurs? You may imagine a baby dinosaur “Dooly” which is a popular animation character in. Dinosaurs tha
신화정 객원기자   2008-03-10
[Into the Campus] Get Intellectual Nourishment from CNU Museum!
Get Intellectual Nourishment from CNU Museum! By Kim Bo-bae, Tribune Reporter "To learn about the present in the light of the past means als
김보배 기자   2007-11-24
[Into the Campus] Are You Enjoying Good Mental Health?
Are You Enjoying Good Mental Health?By Rhy Seung-hyi, Tribune Reporter Lately, many students have a tendency to identify and correct their w
류승희 기자   2007-09-09
[Into the Campus] The IC: There for Our future!
The IC provides CNU students with an opportunity to study at foreign universities and learn foreign language and culture as well as for inte
Kim Bo-a   2007-01-16
[Into the Campus] Seize the Chance to Change Your Life
Many students are concerned about getting a job, but they cannot acquire sufficient practical abilities by only taking lectures at a univers
Kang A-young   2006-10-16
[Into the Campus] LEC: Of the, By the, For the Student!
Since the Language Education Center (LEC) was established 44 years ago, it has been gaining popularity among CNU students. Actually, the CNU
Kang A-young   2006-09-15
[Into the Campus] There is something about the EDRI
Kang A young   2006-04-29
[Into the Campus] Three Families Living in One House
기용호 기자   2005-12-03
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