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[Feature] ‘Na Na Land’: Loving and Appreciating Myself
A new lifestyle named “Na Na land” emerges as one of this year’s top trends in Korea. In the new expression ‘na’ means ‘I’ in Korean and an
차장원 기자   2019-05-16
[Feature] Building Successful Careers in Shanghai, China
The Chonnam National University (CNU) Press and Broadcasting Center has planned to cover the stories of overseas alumni to give them a sense
이윤주 기자   2019-03-16
[Feature] Must-Know Volunteer Abroad Programs
Have you ever felt bored with a monotonous, hectic life and felt an urge to take actions that make your life livelier? If you like helping p
ImarovaMokhinur 기자   2018-11-16
[Feature] English Campus Media Need to Keep Their Eyes on the Readers
This year is the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the Chonnam Tribune, first published on July 15, 1968 as the third English campus new
이소이 객원기자   2018-05-14
[Feature] Intensive Korean Language Training Course: Some Improvement Needed
As CNU becomes more globalized, many international students from different parts of the world want to enroll at the university. Just as the
Imarova Mokhinur 기자 / 나민아 기자   2018-05-11
[Feature] Training Facility to Enhance Students’ Job-related Competencies
If you need to acquire job information and to get proper career guidance and counselling, don’t hesitate to visit the Institute for Adaptabl
이성채 기자   2017-11-10
[Feature] Vista of Liberal Arts Education in Korean University
It has been pointed out since long that the decisive defect of university education in Korea lies in the mismatch between its ‘demand and su
손동현 대전대학교 석좌교수   2016-11-18
[Feature] A Great Vision of Liberal Education
A few days ago, a student came to my office to get some advice from me. The student majors in business administration, but she is interested
김성근 기초교육원 교수   2016-03-11
[Feature] Preserving the Legacy of the Korean Independence Movement
This article is a special feature to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of Korea’s Independence. The Overseas Coverage Team of the CNU Press a
박수경 기자   2015-09-01
[Feature] About the Future of the Middle East
The situation of the Middle East world is getting more complicated since Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) emerged on the stage and s
Ha Young-sig, Journalist   2015-04-30
[Feature] Taiwan’s Tragic Past Has Not Yet Been Written
This article is a special report about Taiwan's historical pain from the 1940s to 1980s under the Government’s political persecution. The 20
오희수 기자   2014-09-12
[Feature] The May 18 Gwangju Uprising and Memorials
The Gwangju Democratization Movement is certainly the corner stone of Korea’s democracy. It was an explosion of civilian dissatisfaction wit
Surgit Singh Puri, 한국어강좌 수강생   2014-05-15
[Feature] Watery Tragedy at Jindo
Less than a month to go for the nation to remember the grief of May 18, another tragedy struck Korea on the morning of April 16, not far fro
Surgit Singh Puri 한국어강좌 수강생   2014-04-24
[Feature] Tips to help you Live a Meaningful University Life
1. Check the Notice Board Frequently. CNU offers a lot of opportunities such as a scholarship system or an exchange student program for stud
이다혜 기자   2014-03-28
[Feature] Korean Culture Became the Global Presence
For Koreans, the Lunar New Year is an important national holiday spent with family members and relatives. It has been a Korean tradition tha
장보람 해외통신원   2014-03-13
[Feature] A New Era for Korea
It is the feeling of being cornered, being spotted in a crowd for no specific reason. Perhaps it is the color or the different accent that c
Rigoberto Banta Jr. 객원기자   2013-12-10
[Feature] Judges’ Remarks on the 2013 English Essay Contest
It has been our pleasure to judge the 2013 English Essay Contest hosted by the Chonnam Tribune. This essay contest is a yearly competition t
Shin Keun-young & Nah Hee-kyun   2013-12-09
[Feature] Technology as a Steppingstone of Knowledge
Nothing can be explained enough about the newest generation without the mention of technology. Gen Y or Millennials have grown up with techn
Oh Ro-ra, Junior, Dept. of Eng   2013-12-09
[Feature] Eruhwa: a Home for Korean Elders in Japan
“We Help Each Other to Live Together.” It is the catchphrase of ‘Eruhwa’, a welfare facility for the elderly Koreans in Kyoto, Japan. Kim Do
임선영 기자   2013-11-12
[Feature] Korean Wave in Uzbekistan
The sunlight of Uzbekistan in June was hot and bright. Walking on the street for only five minutes on foot, my back got damp with sweat. The
손현지 기자   2013-10-04
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