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[Global Lounge] “We Are Dreaming About the End of War”
Since the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24, the Ukrainian government has claimed that at least 20,000 civilians includin
홍주연 기자   2022-05-20
[Global Lounge] Youth Politics: We Can Make a Better Future
South Korea has the lowest percentage of the National Assembly under the age of 40 in major countries in the world, according to the Inter-P
홍지우 기자   2022-03-17
[Global Lounge] Live Online Classes the Best Way to Close Achievement Gap?
COVID-19 has changed the way people live in 2020. People do not go shopping as much as before and would rather shop online. Some suffer from
연민선 약학부 4학년   2020-11-23
[Global Lounge] The Boundary Between Child Discipline and Child Abuse
Modern society is constantly evolving. With every generation comes new ideals and boundaries to ensure every person can live their best life
Maja Elisabeth von Bruun 기자   2020-11-20
[Global Lounge] Supporting Cultural Diversity
On May 25, there was an incident in the U.S. when a white police officer killed an unarmed African-American, George Floyd, by using excessiv
조예린 기자   2020-09-11
[Global Lounge] COVID-19 Pandemic: South Korea’s Intensive and Preemptive Response Is Noticeable
COVID-19 is a respiratory infectious disease that has spread worldwide since the first mass outbreak of mysterious pneumonia in Wuhan, Hubei
마준희 기자   2020-05-28
[Global Lounge] Would You Trust a Robot Surgeon?
During the last Chuseok holiday, I was channel surfing at my parents' place and came across a documentary by Harvard Professor Michael Sande
홍아영 로봇융합전공 교수   2019-11-19
[Global Lounge] Eyes of Foreigners on Korean Language and Culture
Thanks to widespread K-media, Korean culture is a boom and also studying Korean language is rapidly becoming popular across the United State
백민주 객원기자   2019-09-11
[Global Lounge] A Struggle Not to Become a Puppet of Fake News
[2018 English Essay Contest_Grand Prize-winning Essay] Fake news has been a hot topic since news media were invented. The main differences b
김아진, 치의학과 3학년   2018-11-16
[Global Lounge] South Korea Has a Yemeni Refugee Problem
Jeju, a beautiful and well-known touristic resort island has recently become one of the top controversial issues in the country. The number
ImarovaMokhinur 기자 / 오희수 객원기자   2018-09-07
[Global Lounge] Gwangju’s May 18: A Walk in the Hallway of Memories
This year is the 38th anniversary of the May 18 Democratization Movement. Obviously, there are numerous implications we can draw from this i
Nguyen Huong 객원기자   2018-05-11
[Global Lounge] Attracted to Lying
The doctor laughed out loud when we told him what brought us to the hospital. Nine years ago, when my little brother Tony was seven, he swal
유혜미 기자   2016-03-25
[Global Lounge] Samsung Should Have Been Careful
A new Samsung recruiting method was finally shut downed last January, due to the objection of public opinion. Samsung is not just one compan
윤수홍 객원기자   2014-03-27
[Global Lounge] A Reminder of the Original Purpose of Local Elections
Every local election plays an important role in evaluating the current regime. Park Geun-hye’s government and the ruling Saenuri Party pay p
기병수 영어영문학과 4학년   2014-03-27
[Global Lounge] What Do Koreans Think about Same-sex Marriage?
Nowadays, there is a strong voice about the legalization of homosexual marriage around the world. Some countries are in the middle of the de
임선영 기자   2013-05-22
[Global Lounge] Time to End Animal Testing for People
Time to End Animal Testing for People .By Son Hyun-jee, Student Editor Last March 11th, the European Union (EU) Commission asked not only EU
손현지 기자   2013-04-06
[Global Lounge] Is International Aid 'Carrot' or 'Stick' to North Korea?
Is International Aid 'Carrot' or 'Stick' to North Korea? By Pyun Ja-seong, Student Editor The Chonnam Tribune has started a new column, “Rou
편자성 기자   2013-03-11
[Global Lounge] What Happened in Tibet?
Moderator: How should our government or other countries deal with this problem? And do you have any good ideas to solve this problem? Deok-h
김율희 객원기자   2008-05-21
[Global Lounge] Global Warming
INTRODUCTION The Kyoto Protocol (KP) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was adopted in 1997 to reduce gre
박수혜 객원기자   2008-03-10
[Global Lounge] Miss Moms, a New Type of Family?
Many people have called attention to “Miss Moms” and continue to discuss this type of family since a famous radio presenter, Her Soo-kyung,
권정하 기자   2008-01-19
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