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[Foreign Community] The Hidden Charms of CNU and Gwangju
Chonnam National University was founded in 1952 as a comprehensive university in Korea with its three campuses at Gwangju, Yeosu City, Jeoll
Md Golam Rabbani, 글로벌디아스포라협동과정   2021-02-02
[Foreign Community] Combat Culture Shock. Embrace Campus Life!
This time of November is perfect in terms of beautiful weather and we are spared from the hardest time because we are trying to overcome the
Hu Nan, 영어교육학과 박사과정   2020-11-20
[Foreign Community] American and Korean Students Have Unique Learning Experiences
The Language Education Center (LEC) at Chonnam National University has been running the Language Partner Program for American students of th
김은진 기자   2020-08-18
[Foreign Community] The Bush Capital, Canberra: A Meeting Place of Nature, Culture, and Culinary Adventure
Welcome to Canberra, the ‘Bush Capital’. Being the capital city of Australia, Canberra is a small city of 400,000 people surrounded by natur
Brian Li 고고인류학과 박사과정   2020-05-28
[Foreign Community] Opening the Eyes of My Heart
This will be one diverting story of how I figured out the greatness of a language that I was disposed to learn on Yeosu Campus of CNU. At fi
Sultonova Alomatkhon, 경영학부 2학년   2019-11-18
[Foreign Community] Beyond My Fears
Mark Twain once said that “the secret of getting ahead is getting started.” If you were looking for a sign to take on that once-in-a-lifetim
Alvina Joanna, 경영대학원   2019-11-18
[Foreign Community] My Life as a Student Reporter
Once, Oscar Wilde, an Irish poet said “Experience is one thing you can’t get for nothing.” I truly understand that everything new we get can
Imarova Mokhinur, Guest Report   2019-09-23
[Foreign Community] Build your Luck
My story in Korea started in hot June of 2014, when I visited Korea first time for a short month-long language program organized by my unive
Genya Smagin, 경영학부   2019-09-23
[Foreign Community] Burning Sun and Spy-Cam Scandal
Korea is ranked in 34th place in the list of the world’s safest countries 2019 by the Global Finance magazine. This makes many foreigners in
Imarova Mokhinur 기자   2019-05-27
[Foreign Community] Your Blind Spot Is the Goliath in You
David and Goliath is a concept most of us are familiar with. Goliath is a gigantic, arrogant dude who thinks he can rule a country and David
Nguyen Huong, 영어영문과 14학번   2019-05-20
[Foreign Community] Uzbekistan Students Build Their Community
Nowadays the number of Uzbek students who are studying at CNU is growing. Most of my university friends ask me, “Why are there lots of Uzbek
Otabek Mamajonov, 경영학부 3학년   2019-05-16
[Foreign Community] Ho Chi Minh Job Tour: From Learning to Working
I was honored to take part in the Ho Chi Minh Job Training Program which was organized by Chonnam National University (CNU) from February 20
Bui Dinh Canh 건설환경공학과 석사과정   2019-03-28
[Foreign Community] Here Is Your Project
On the verge of finishing a master’s degree at the end of last semester, one of my close friends’ research group was on the brink of complet
Vijay Patil, Guest Reporter   2018-11-16
[Foreign Community] My Team Project Experience
At Chonnam National University, team spirit is manifested strongly on the campus through the university curriculum and extracurricular proje
Sana L’ouahidi 글로벌MBA 석사과정   2018-11-16
[Foreign Community] Enhancing Sociability Can Help You Make Global Friends
Let’s be fair to ourselves and answer the question who am I. Am I amiable or aloof? Think of the academic year. How did you spend it? Did yo
Khamdamova Nigina 기자   2018-09-17
[Foreign Community] Basic Precautions and Changes in Healthcare Abroad
When I was leaving for a journey towards Korea to start a career in researching as a PhD student, the last parting words of my mother were t
Vijay B. Patil 객원기자   2018-05-23
[Foreign Community] My Healthcare Experience in South Korea as a Foreigner
On orientation day, international students were first urged to fill in forms for medical insurance; it somehow suggested the importance of h
Lee Suk Pei NGO협동과정 석사과정   2018-05-23
[Foreign Community] Behind the Mirror: Reflection on South Korea from
To begin with an honest note, I am not a huge K-Pop or K-Drama fan. That being mentioned, K-Drama still happens to be a huge doorway, allowi
Ravina Khumanlambam   2017-11-16
[Foreign Community] Never Stop Learning, Never Stop Being Curious
Many say that getting a permanent office job in South Korea is difficult even for a native Korean and that it’s amazing that I even managed
Vinny Ang 경영전문대학원 졸업생   2017-11-16
[Foreign Community] The Life of Muslims in South Korea
In every religion, there are written and unwritten rules that religious people should strongly follow. Every religion has their own holy boo
이소이 기자   2017-09-12
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