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[English] he Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
The Chonnam Tribune has published this page in collaboration with the members of English clubs at Chonnam National University in this issue.
Echo Members   2022-05-20
[English] Multi-Persona: Wearing Masks to Express Myselves
Have you ever thought about how you act in different situations? William Shakespeare once said, “All the world is a stage, and all the men a
Em Milana 수습기자   2021-01-15
[English] MBTI: A Simple Way to Add Spice to Your Life
There was a time when people believed that a relationship existed between blood types and personalities. They asked each other’s blood type
한승환 기자   2020-09-11
[English] 335 common errors
Judith Woods 언어교육원 강사   2014-12-05
[English] 335 common errors
Judith Woods 언어교육원 강사   2014-09-25
[English] 334 Common Errors
Judith Woods 언어교육원 강사   2014-09-25
[English] 333 Common Errors
Judith Woods 언어교육원 강사   2014-09-25
[English] From How I Met Your Mother, Season1 Episode14
Robin: *Who’s up for hanging out?Ted: Oh I can’t, I’m taking Victoria out for dinner.Lily: No, no we can’t. It’s our nine – year anniv
범철화 기자   2014-09-22
[English] Common Errors in Speaking and Writing
There is no doubt that learning English is tough. Students whose first language is something very different from English (like Korean) may h
Judith Woods 언어교육원 강사   2014-03-12
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