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[English] Multi-Persona: Wearing Masks to Express Myselves
Have you ever thought about how you act in different situations? William Shakespeare once said, “All the world is a stage, and all the men a
Em Milana 수습기자   2021-01-15
[English] MBTI: A Simple Way to Add Spice to Your Life
There was a time when people believed that a relationship existed between blood types and personalities. They asked each other’s blood type
한승환 기자   2020-09-11
[English] 335 common errors
Judith Woods 언어교육원 강사   2014-12-05
[English] 335 common errors
Judith Woods 언어교육원 강사   2014-09-25
[English] 334 Common Errors
Judith Woods 언어교육원 강사   2014-09-25
[English] 333 Common Errors
Judith Woods 언어교육원 강사   2014-09-25
[English] From How I Met Your Mother, Season1 Episode14
Robin: *Who’s up for hanging out?Ted: Oh I can’t, I’m taking Victoria out for dinner.Lily: No, no we can’t. It’s our nine – year anniv
범철화 기자   2014-09-22
[English] Common Errors in Speaking and Writing
There is no doubt that learning English is tough. Students whose first language is something very different from English (like Korean) may h
Judith Woods 언어교육원 강사   2014-03-12
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