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[Column] War and Terrorism in the World
In a civilized society, kids are always told that violence cannot be a solution for anything and they should find a peaceful way to solve a
송예나 지리학과 교수   2022-05-20
[Global Lounge] “We Are Dreaming About the End of War”
Since the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24, the Ukrainian government has claimed that at least 20,000 civilians includin
홍주연 기자   2022-05-20
[Column] The Importance of the Coastal Environment
The Earth’s environment has been unusually stable for the last 10,000 years. Due to the environmental stability of this period known as Holo
김태훈 지구환경과학부 교수   2022-03-18
[Global Lounge] Youth Politics: We Can Make a Better Future
South Korea has the lowest percentage of the National Assembly under the age of 40 in major countries in the world, according to the Inter-P
홍지우 기자   2022-03-17
[Column] “Be Willing to Surrender What You Are for What You Could Become!”
As you may know, this famous quote in the title is derived from the words of Reinhold Niebuhr: “Change is the essence of life. Be willing to
한연수 응용생물학과 교수   2021-11-19
[Column] Get Ready to Dive Deep Into the Metaverse!
Metaverse is probably one of the most popular words these days. The jargon, metaverse, seemed to come out of nowhere, but now we feel everyo
류지헌 교육학과 교수   2021-09-10
[Spotlight] Opinions: Mega Sporting Events During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Last month, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics were held one year late because of the COVID-19 situation. It provided enjoyment and hop
조예린 기자   2021-09-10
[Column] Companionship Between Humans and Non-humans
Every species on earth, including the human species, is facing alarming threats, including mass extinction, climate crises caused by global
노고운 문화인류고고학과 교수   2021-05-21
[Opinion] Gwangju and Myanmar: We Must Remember the Process of Democratization
This year marks the 41st anniversary of the May 18 Democratic Uprising whereby citizens stood up against the armed martial law forces in Gwa
조범서 기자   2021-05-21
[Spotlight] Change in the Definition of Family
Modern society is changing at high speed. New ideals come as a new generation comes. One of these changing ideals is the definition of famil
한승환 기자   2021-03-19
[Global Lounge] Live Online Classes the Best Way to Close Achievement Gap?
COVID-19 has changed the way people live in 2020. People do not go shopping as much as before and would rather shop online. Some suffer from
연민선 약학부 4학년   2020-11-23
[Column] AI for Everyone
The match between AlphaGo and Lee Sedol in 2016 was an incident that made us realize that the era of AI was closer than we thought. Because
허정규 빅데이터금융융합전공 교수   2020-11-20
[Howdy] Abortion Law Revision
Kim Marina (Freshman, Division of Business and Commerce)I think that abortion is a form of criminal offense that should be punishable by law
엄밀라나 수습기자   2020-11-20
[Howdy] Introduction of a Voluntary Military System
Lee Min-wook (Sophomore, Faculty of Economics)I think it is too early to introduce a voluntary military system in Korea right now. Although
조범서 수습기자   2020-11-20
[Howdy] Webtoons and Freedom of Expression
Choi Han-ul (Junior, Dept. of Political Science and International Relations)A webtoon is a medium that can be easily accessed by all age gro
한승환 기자   2020-11-20
[Howdy] Enacting Protective Custody Bill
Shin Ra-eun (Freshman, Dept. of Biology Education)Isolating certain criminals with a high risk of recidivism in a separate facility after th
한승환 기자   2020-11-20
[Letter] The Way to Get Over COVID-19
When I first read the 359th issue of the Tribune, I was completely absorbed by it and I could not notice that time had passed by so quickly.
신혜인 독자평가위원   2020-11-20
[Letter] Trendy Magazine, Tribune
After I read the 359th issue of the Tribune, I realized that this magazine reflected trends well. Especially, I could feel that when I read
한유정 독자평가위원   2020-11-20
[Letter] First Experience With Tribune
Due to the coronavirus situation, I have been depressed lately. I think many people will understand my inner state of mind for now as sittin
Egamberdieva Diyora 독자평가위원   2020-11-20
[Global Lounge] The Boundary Between Child Discipline and Child Abuse
Modern society is constantly evolving. With every generation comes new ideals and boundaries to ensure every person can live their best life
Maja Elisabeth von Bruun 기자   2020-11-20
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