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Enough Seats for Studying at CNU?학내 스터디 공간 부족
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승인 2013.05.21  23:43:47
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Study Room in CNU Library

Two months ago, there was a documentary on channel KBS1, called ‘Homo academicus’, which tracks the best way of studying for men. The documentary, interestingly and surprisingly, indicated that discussing together plays a very important key role for developing themselves when it comes to studying. Actually the word “university” comes from the Latin “universitas”. It meant in the Middle Ages a union of students and professors. If so, how much do students talk about studying?
Fortunately, many study groups are formed in school. Students work together to have jobs, study for a class or languages and discuss with newspapers and books. But in reality there are not enough seats in school. Each faculty and its related library at CNU run about thirty study rooms. Compared with the growing number of students who want to have a group study, rooms are not accommodating to its demand. Yang Hyeon-mi (Senior, Dept. of Political Science) said that “It’s like a war when we reserve a seminar room. Only certain buildings are offering limited rooms. And it’s worse during the examination period. The school needs to expand the places for students to study.” In fact, it is difficult for students to use the rooms because of differences in reserving by buildings. Some buildings allow reserving a room for a particular date up to a year in advance. In other buildings, students can reserve only in a short time before the date. Lee Han-hyo (Senior, School of Business Administration) mentioned that “It is unreasonable not to lend a classroom to students even though they are eager to study. A school is wasting tremendous space under the excuse of the control. They should decide resiliently whether to provide rooms according to its purpose not because fixed rules, and also weekends should not be a reason, too”. The school should set the environment that is accommodating to students. When it comes to study rooms, this school needs to improve its ways. Listening to the opinions of students, firstly, a standard method of each building is required, and it needs to be more simplified. Second, offering more places is requested. Doing so, more students will acquire the room to study and it would influence the competence of the students and CNU.
By Heo Ji-yun, Guest Reporter


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