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[Interview] Getting in Touch With the Past [새창] Nguyen Huong 객원기자 2018-03-15
[Interview] Interview with President Jeong Byung-seok [새창] 나민아 기자 2017-09-07
[Interview] OIA Getting Ready for Students [새창] 이은지 기자 2017-09-07
[Interview] Interview with Choi Su-Kyong, CJ E&M, Senior Vice President [새창] 오희수 객원기자 2016-09-12
[Interview] Webtoonist Mujeok Pink Byun Ji-min [새창] 김유나 기자 / 이경륜 기자 2016-05-16
[Interview] What Do You Most Want to Do? [새창] 이다혜 2014-03-12
[Interview] Silla: Korea’s Golden Kingdom [새창] Jang Bo-ram 객원기자 2013-12-10
[Interview] Learning English from Many Challenges and Mistakes [새창] Oh Ro-ra 영어영문학과 3학년 2013-12-09
[Interview] Interview with Two Street Musicians [새창] 이수정 기자 2013-10-04
[Interview] Job Interview Makeup Class for Men [새창] 김성영 수습기자 2013-04-23
[Interview] Crisis of the SBST: Students and Faculty Together to Regain Their Status [새창] 임선영 기자/황재형 수습기자 2013-04-10
[Interview] ”An Ingenious Anarchic System, Creative Chaos, Produces Better Effects.” [새창] Rigoberto Banta Jr. 기자 2013-01-17
[Interview] Dr.Sergio Trindade, Nobel Co-laureate [새창] Rigoberto Banta Jr. 기자 2013-01-16
[Interview] "CNU Needs Everyone" [새창] Rigoberto Banta Jr. 기자 2012-11-05
[Interview] “We have to Strengthen CNU through Communication and Innovation” [새창] 이지송 기자 2012-06-04
[Interview] Try to Enrich Your mind and Knowledge [새창] 김윤희 2005-10-08
[Interview] Only a Well-prepared Challenger can Seize the Chance [새창] 기용호 2005-04-21
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