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What Do You Most Want to Do?
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The Chonnam Tribune interviewed three freshmen about their expectations of campus life in order to know what they would like to do during their time at Chonnam National University. –Ed.

Choi Yoon-ho (Freshman, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering)
I have high expectations for my campus life because I always dreamed of university life before entering university. I think university is different from high school because students can participate in various extracurricular activities related to their hobbies. I am interested in travel, so I am planning to join a traveling club. It seems a bit difficult to interact with seniors, but I believe I can socialize with many people while enjoying club activities together. I can also concentrate on my studies. I will do my best to do both schoolwork and club activities.

Park Se-won (Freshman, Dept. of Biological Chemistry)
I want to study abroad during university. I have a plan to apply for an exchange student program in the second or third year. To achieve my goal, I will join an English study club. I do not have specific plans for my future career after graduation yet, but I think I have to prepare for my future. Aside from studying, I want to live a relaxing and joyful life. I want to hang out with my friends and meet a boyfriend.

Jeong Eun-jin (Freshman, Dept. of Family Environment and Welfare)
While spending my time at the university, I want to gain as many different experiences as possible in various fields. There are many things I want to do, but what I would like to do the most is volunteer overseas. I have been very interested in volunteering, especially long-term volunteering abroad, so I made up my mind to participate regularly in volunteer programs. By participating in several volunteer programs, I hope to have new and meaningful experiences. In addition, I am interested in newspapers, so I want to work for the campus media at CNU.

Jang Ji-cheol (Freshman, Division of Business & Commerce)
The good thing about university is that students can select classes they want to take, which is different from high school. So, when I registered for classes this semester, I signed up for liberal arts courses which I am interested in, such as a media-related one. As for club activities, I want to do something active such as volunteering or exercising. English is important for my future because I want to work in international trade. I participated in an English camp for freshmen during the winter vacation. Through the program, I improved my conversation skills and gained confidence. In order to reach my future goals, I am going to take classes where I can learn foreign languages or cultures. If I have an opportunity, I want to go overseas during the vacations.

By Lee Da-hye, Tribune Reporter

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