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Interview with Two Street Musicians버스커들과의 만남
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승인 2013.10.04  20:05:28
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn
 The Chonnam Tribune interviewed two buskers, Park Jae-hyung (Senior, Dept. of Korean Lang. & Lit.) and Moon Yong-ju (Freshman, Chosun College of Science & Technology) who are members of busking bands ‘*23#’ and ‘1%’ respectively and shared their stories related to busking. -Ed. 

Jae-hyung and Yong-ju are playing their musical instruments

These days, you are busking together. As performing partners, what do you think of each other?
-Park: It could not be better! I am blessed when I sing with Yong-ju. We both like to sing exciting songs, so we fit well.
-Moon: Same here! We have great team work. It is too good to be true. And our music genre is the same, too.
Which song has elicited the best audience reaction so far?
-Moon: I think the best song is “Feel Good” which has a very exciting rhythm. Jae-hyung sang a song together with the audience right in front of them. That was great! 
When was the hardest thing while busking?
-Park: It was a situation when we were expelled by civil complaints. It made me feel a sense of futility. Another, is when nobody listens to our songs no matter how we sing. It was extremely mournful. And I got very embarrassed when a drunken person came to me while I was singing. I still flustered when I recall that time.
-Moon: I have never experienced such a thing yet. But I was in a hopeless situation because I did now have a chance to perform. It was a very difficult time for me.
What is the meaning of your team’s name?
-Park: Our team's name is ‘*23#’ which stands for 'Calling Line Identification Restriction Number'. When I sing a song in the situation that nobody listens to my music, it means I call the audience, and if the audience comes to listen to my songs, at that time it means they get the message.
-Moon: Our team '1%' has two meanings. First, our team has one percent of ability and possibility, so we want to be 100% by filling the lack of the 99 percent with our effort. Second, we hope to be ranked as the top one percent team in Korea.
By Lee Su-jung, Tribune Reporter
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