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”An Ingenious Anarchic System, Creative Chaos, Produces Better Effects.”
Rigoberto Banta Jr. 기자  |  tribune@cnumedia.com
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트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn
”An Ingenious Anarchic System, Creative Chaos, Produces Better Effects.”
By Rigoberto Banta Jr., Head Student Editor
Hwang In-sik, Student Editor
Photo by Lee Jae-keun, Reporter, The Chonnam National University Weekly
As 2013 opens, CNU enters a new era with its newly installed president, President Jee Byung-moon. The Chonnam Tribune interviewed the 19th president of CNU about his vision for the future on December 31st, 2012. The details of the interview can be seen through the official website of the Chonnam Tribune. – Ed.

19th president of CNU, Jee Byung-moon answer the Question

Q. Congratulations on your appointment. What are your impressions as the 19th president of CNU?
‘Can I be a good president for the students and faculty?’ This is the heavy responsibility that I have on my shoulders with this appointment. I believe that there is a need to share the information about the current issues that the university is facing in order to solve those issues together with a challenging spirit.
Q. You have become the president in a time of hardship. What are your plans to develop the competitiveness of CNU in the face of different trials such as lesser fiscal budget for the university in the next year?
As the university’s focus is education and research, I believe in a two track support system that will incentivize professors to undergo research and develop a curriculum that will guide students with the actual experience that they will need to increase their performance and later on help them not only academically, but also in entering the labor force as well. The philosophy of the ivory tower is long forgone as the university needs to aid the students who would like to enter research through further studies or enter the labor force and apply what they have learned in the university. The university should not only produce students but students who will be beneficial for society. It is therefore my vision to increase the number of incentives for graduate students for research and institutionalize employment consultants in each college to secure employment for our students. Funding can possibly not be a problem as it is the matter of effective utility and if we try to conserve in order to provide better education and employment support, we can provide better programs for the students. It is in my vision to increase the evaluation ratings of CNU until the first half of this year ends. As decreasing the tuition fee provides for the highest welfare for the students, I will do my best to provide programs to ease this financial burden by tapping the corporate social funds of not only small and medium sized companies but conglomerates as well.
Q. What is your perspective on the internationalization of CNU?
The goal of internationalization is to stretch overseas. In 2012, in order to boost CNU’s internationalization index, CNU focused on attracting foreign students to the university. In complement with this effort, I will see to it that we can send our students abroad to gain more experience. I believe that this effort is necessary to have an equal, balanced and healthy exchange between CNU and its partner universities and for our students to be ready in facing a bigger world.
Q. What are your plans to improve the relationship between regions and CNU?
It is pivotal for CNU to lead the regional society. Information was very crucial in the economic development of capital in the past and CNU was at the center of it. CNU should be actively participating in regional projects such as the Hub of Asian Culture Project in Gwangju, the Research and Development in Cheomdan and the Innovation City Project of Naju not only to increase employment but most importantly for the development of the regional economy.
Q. If you have one, what is your personal belief and motto?
I believe that societal corruption is unforgivable. I have a very strong advocacy to eradicate corruption in public offices especially. In relation with it, I abhor the usage of power by higher people to get their way. I believe in an ingenious anarchic system, the so called ‘Creative Chaos’ which I believe produces better effects. A university in Creative Chaos, this is the university I would like to make.
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