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Job Interview Makeup Class for Men
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Job Interview Makeup Class for Men
By Kim Sung-young, Cub-Reporter

A makeup artist putting makeup on the face of a male student in the class 

AMOREPACIFIC organized a job interview makeup class for men in the basement job lecture room of Library Annex at Chonnam National University on April 10th. It was held as one of employment camp programs that give students useful information about employment. Makeup artists picked up two students as models and offered tips on job interview makeup application for highlighting best features and hiding flaws. More one hundreds male students attended the class and were given souvenirs. “As I did not know how to get neat eyebrows, the information presented in the class was very useful for me,” said Jang Hyung-uk (Junior, Dept. of Laws). He participated in the job interview makeup class as one of models who was put makeup on their faces.
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