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GFN’s CNUiansBeing a Voice for Everyone in Gwangju
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승인 2015.09.08  11:10:30
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

     Many of you probably want to tell your story to the public. These days, most university students are familiar with social media to share their opinion. There is a special media that is currently delivered by some students at Chonnam National University (CNU) to share their own stories. CNU student who are interested in English should learn about an ongoing radio broadcasting activity: the Gwangju Foreign Language Network (GFN). Its programs provide useful information for listeners including foreign students and citizens using English. As GFN is located near the downtown in Gwangju, many students are given a special opportunity to participate in radio programs on GFN. The Chonnam Tribune met these special CNU students to listen to their special experiences.

▲ Ahn Yeong-ju, Senior, Dept. of English Language and Literature (second from left)

     Ahn Yeong-ju (Senior, Dept. of English Language and Literature) is working as a writer of the program ‘Hello Korea’. Before having a work at GFN, he was just the same as other university students seeking his future jobs. “I cannot imagine I am working at GFN. At first, I was just invited here as a guest participant in the program ‘Hello Korea’. Then, one of producers of the program recommended me to take a writer test. With this as an opportunity, I was lucky to become a writer.” His program ‘Hello Korea’ mainly introduces Korean history, culture, food, music, people and more from past to present for those new to Korea. Now, he seems to be happy and enjoy his job there. “I am so proud of doing work here. My self-esteem improves every time when foreigners say they are getting much information about Korean culture through this program.”
     There is a student who is doing a similar work at GFN. Kim Nam-yi (Graduation Student, Dept. of Communication) is working as a writer of ‘City of Light’. This program includes not only local issues in Gwangju but also international issues. She was interested in introducing local issues to foreigners who live in Gwangju. “I am always trying to let people know what is happening around us. I am satisfied when I make something beneficial to the listeners.”

▲ Jovwy Kua, Junior, Dept. of Communication (second from right)

     International students are also doing interesting activities at the network. Jovwy Kua (Malaysian, Junior, Dept. of Communication) has worked for GFN through an internship program. She can participate in diverse fields of program production while working there such as writing scripts for programs, simple recording, editing audio files and uploading AOD files to the website of GFN. While doing her work, sometimes she was faced with unexpected happenings. “One day, the guest who was predetermined to participate in our program did not show up in time, so my boss told me to replace his work which is acting on a debating show. At first, I had no idea what to do, so I just came up with my own idea that is not sure. I was nervous, but it was one of my memorable stories during my internship period.” Her internship ended by this August. She will finish her last documentary film project about jobs in Korea that do not exist in Malaysia. While working, she felt something special about GFN. “GFN members are my family, and they help each other with no hierarchy. I enjoy it so much, and it was a great experience to know about corporate culture and the conditions in a Korean company.”
     During interviews both students said two things in common. They enjoyed sharing their opinions in English with others. Furthermore, they loved what they were doing at GFN. In that regard, these people who have affection for GFN and English will continue to deliver high quality broadcasting to the listeners, making a deep and lasting impression.

By Kim Sun-woo, Guest Reporter

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