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CNU Drama Club: Fostering Creativity and Self-expression
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▲ CNU Drama Club members posing for a picture on the stage

    The emotions people feel after seeing some performing arts influence the way people think and live, and finally it contributes to create their personal values. We cannot all become professional actors and an actresses, but it is good to get practical experience of acting as well as directing and stage designing rather than just enjoying a play.

    Chonnam National University Drama Club (CNUDC) gives us opportunities so that students can experience all aspects of drama and theater art activities such as acting, directing, lighting, sound, and design. Marking a 57-year-long history and tradition this year, CNUDC has presented plays to the audience with a regular performance and a freshman workshop in each semester. They have endeavored to expand their knowledge of drama by engaging in club activities including staging performances.


    When the club members prepare for a play, firstly they set up a performance team, choose a script for the play, and then start practicing. Practice is divided into two parts, which are stage management and directing. Usually, they practice for almost four hours a day. After all preparations, they start to set up in a concert hall and design the stage with large tools and props for the performance. “The main activity of our club is directing a play, but sometimes we had board game meetings and scenario reading activities. We also used to go to see plays as well,” the president of CNUDC, Kang Ju-ri (Senior, Dept. of Japanese Language and Literature) said.

    COVID-19 has changed our life since last year, and it is difficult for students to engage in club activities that are indispensable parts of campus life. CNUDC is no exception. Even though the purpose of the club is to stage a play, they have difficulties gathering for practicing and renting a concert hall. President Kang said, “The 117th regular performance, Press Instructions, almost got cancelled during the preparation stages since it was in the middle of the COVID-19 situation last year. But we finally completed the performance under quarantine guidelines. So, it was the most memorable experience for me.”

▲ The poster of Press Instructions they performed

    This pandemic has brought new challenges and new opportunities to the club. They tried to stand in front of the camera for online performances or for reading a play, instead of performing at a concert hall and meeting the audience face-to-face. They uploaded John Murray’s play, The Haunting of Hathaway House, on their YouTube channel from October 31 to November 14 in 2020, so that students are able to watch their play at any time they want. They will continue to look for various ways to show their plays to students, overcoming the current pandemic situation. If there are students who want to learn how to express themselves and communicate with other students to create content, CNUDC would be a good choice.

By Em Milana, Tribune Reporter

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