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CIS: ‘Avengers’ for International Students
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Have you ever heard about “CIS” and wondered what it stands for? It is an abbreviation for Chonnam National University International Supporters which belongs to the Office of International Affairs (OIA). According to the former CIS President Jeong Hyeon-ho (Junior, Dept. of Energy and Resources Engineering), they provide settlement support to foreign students, they run cultural exchange and excursion programs and they help foreign students study Korean further. In order to introduce the CIS members to CNUians, the Chonnam Tribune interviewed its members with questions about their activities.

▲ (From left) Boykuzieva Mokhinur, Lee Su-bin, Jang Ha-na (Senior, Dept. of Chinese Language and Literature), Jeong Hyon-ho, Jeong Hyeun-kyeung, Yan Yuxin, and Kim Seo-young

What benefits are given to international students by CIS?
Lee Su-bin
(Senior, Dept. of Korean Language and Literature)
We plan various events and one-day trips for international students to experience Korean culture like a pottery class where they could learn how to make pottery. CIS members also plan big events such as an international freshmen orientation, farewell parties and an international students’ day celebration. We are trying to do these kinds of activities to support international students to have meaningful days here at CNU.

What was the most impressive moment of working as a CIS member?
Jeong Hyeun-kyeung
(Junior, Division of Forest Resources)
The most unforgettable one was the 2018 International Day. It rained heavily then, and we were worried about students not participating in the event. Despite those worries, the event was successful because we had prepared a lot for the event. I realized that nothing could stop us from being passionate about the activities.

What benefits did you get after joining CIS?
Yan Yuxin
(Junior, School of Mechanical Engineering)
We can participate in a variety of cultural activities with foreign friends. OIA teachers and CIS members have taken care of each other so that we can grow together by helping others. We can also develop abilities that we will need for our future career in a pleasant atmosphere.


Boykuzieva Mokhinur (Junior, Faculty of Economics)
I learned how to organize some events such as day trips for international students through which I improved my creativity and writing skills while describing different events in English and Korean or writing plans of any events. It is an unforgettable experience to work in a group with my CIS friends, which will help me with my future career.

What are the most difficult parts of being a CIS member?
Kim Seo-young (Junior, Dept. of Industrial Engineering)
My role is making promotional and event-reviewing videos in CIS and I remake them several times until I am satisfied when I make videos. Moreover, I should make them on time. Feeling my responsibility, being punctual and carrying the duty on my shoulders are the difficult parts of being a CIS member.

What are the future plans of CIS to help foreign students?
Oh Seung-kyung (Senior, Faculty of Business Administration)
This semester, we are planning to make cultural experience programs for new students, and we are trying to keep in touch with foreign students more often on Instagram. As we are living in a global world, Korean and foreign students are studying together on campus. So, if we try our best to make programs that can improve mutual understanding, Korean and foreign students can enjoy them together and become closer.

* As CIS has been gathering for 6 generation, it is expected that they would have much knowhow to achieve their goals by helping foreign students to adapt to Korean life. If you are interested in CIS and their upcoming events, go and follow them on Instagram ‘chonnamnationaluniversity’.

By Imarova Mokhinur, Tribune Reporter

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