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Student Councils: Representatives Acting on the Behalf of Students
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    When you experience an inconvenience or a problem on campus in your college life, you may want to express your opinion on the concern to school administrations. But it is not easy to take some kind of action to demand that the school improves by yourself. That is why we need student council representatives that speak on behalf of students to the school administrations, participate in the decision-making process dealing with student related matters, and do activities to improve student lives. The Chonnam Tribune interviewed the presidents of student councils in each college at Chonnam National University about their activities and experiences.
▲ The presidents of college student councils at Chonnam National University

What kind of work do Student Councils do?
Choi Kang-rok (College of Nature Science)
We make an effort to improve their school life and try to solve on-campus problems as quickly as possible. We also operate diverse college events and employment programs for students, and try to keep communicating with students to see if they are comfortable with their school life by using various media such as Instagram and Facebook.

Choi Woo-seok (College of Education)
Our college offers students various activities linked to education volunteer programs and free online classes for teacher certification examinations. In addition, we provide snacks during mid-term and final exam periods. Student council members put in the effort to make students spend their college life more comfortably.

When was the most rewording moment as the President?
Kim Jin-un (College of Human Ecology)
I tried to solve problems and deal with pending issues for students by gathering their opinions as soon as possible. I have received a message from a student saying, "Thank you for taking action so quickly." It made me feel immensely rewarded.

Kim Min-jeong (College of Nursing)
We get feedback from students through surveys after every event before the next event. One student left a note of gratitude saying that “I had a very fun and good time. Thank you for preparing such an interesting event.” It is the most rewarding part of our activity to receive such positive responses from students.

What is the most difficult thing you have faced in your activity?
Choi Kang-rok
We have to listen to the opinions of majors in our college and come up with a compromise. But each major’s situation is different. It is difficult to coordinate their opinions before reaching an agreement. It is the toughest part of my role.

Choi Woo-seok
Since my college has 16 majors that have distinctly different characteristics, there are a wide range of views. It is very hard to make decisions that are good for all majors. I found it is not easy to invite lecturers to give a speech for students preparing for teacher certification examinations.

What advice would you give to students who want to join Student Councils?
Ga Eul-hae (College of Veterinary Medicine)
Some students are hesitant to join us because they fear that their grades will be lowered because they will spend a lot of time attending a student council. But I can confidently say that it depends on you. You can get good grades while working for the student council. I was worried about my grades, but I studied harder and as a result, my grades were 0.5 percent higher than the previous semester.

Heo Do-yun (College of Pharmacy)
Students who are interested in their college are suitable for being a member of a student council in a college. Its members should be acting on behalf of their own college. Any students who can do their jobs faithfully and responsibly are welcomed.

* Each college’s student council will organize various programs and events like an annual festival for students in the second semester. If you are interested in engaging in those activities, do not hesitate and visit student council rooms located on the first floor of your college building. Student councils offer opportunities so that students can enhance their abilities, such as leadership and decision-making skills, by being involved in self-governed student representative organizations directly elected by students.

By Kim Eun-jin, Tribune Reporter

Choi Kang-rok (Senior, Dept. of Mathematics)
Kim Jin-un (Junior, Dept. of Family Environment and Welfare)
Ga Eul-hae (Junior, Dept. of Veterinary Medicine)
Kim Min-jeong (Junior, Dept. of Nursing)
Choi Woo-seok (Senior, Division of Special Education)
Heo Do-yun (Fifth Year, Division of Pharmacy)

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