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[Campus News] CNU Library Signed Agreement with Songgwangsa
CNU Library Signed Agreement with Songgwangsa By Heo Si-joon, Tribune Reporter Chonnam National University Library will digitize ancient doc
Chonnam Tribune   2009-09-24
[Campus News] CNU NURI Project Awarded for Excellence
CNU NURI Project Awarded for Excellence By Park Han-byeol, Tribune Cub-Reporter CNU’s New University for Regional Innovation (NURI) Project,
49기 수습기자   2009-05-31
[Campus News] Brief News
Japanese Government Has Promoted a ‘Stay Card’ System to Foreigners The new ‘Stay Card’ records employment information as well as personal
임선혜기자   2009-05-24
[Campus News] Brief News
Asia/Pacific Areas South Korea Has Obtained Rights to Oil Field Exploitation in IraqSouth Korea signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Ir
최혜선 기자   2009-03-22
[Campus News] Campus News
The Opening of CNU Law School By Lim Seon-hye, Tribune Reporter Chonnam National University Law School (CNULS) had its opening ceremony on M
Chonnam Tribune   2009-03-21
[Campus News] Campus News
2008 Asian Youth Culture Camp By Choi Hye-seon, Cub-Reporter The '2008 Asian Youth Culture Camp' was held from October 30th to November 1st
Chonnam Tribune   2008-12-20
[Campus News] Campus News
18th President, Kim Yoon-soo Leads CNU By Gim Ye-seul, Guest Reporter August 20, 2008 was the inaugural ceremony of Kim Yoon-soo, the 18th P
Campus News Team   2008-09-16
[Campus News] Campus News
Kim Yun-Soo, the Candidate for Appointment as the President of CNU By Jeong Ha-na, Cub-Reporter The election to recommend the candidate to t
Campus News team   2008-05-29
[Campus News] Campus News
Two Big Events for Language Learning By Gang Ho-dong, Cub-Reporter As a means of helping students develop English and Korean proficiency, CN
캠퍼스뉴스팀   2007-11-26
[Campus News] Campus News
Degree Conferment Ceremonies Held from February 21-27 By Park Sin-nam, Tribune Reporter CNU held the 2007 graduation ceremony from February
박윤미/박신남 /기병수 기자   2007-03-20
[Campus News] Campus News
CNU was appointed as the first university for human rights education and investigation by the National Human Rights Commission of Korea (NHR
News Team   2007-01-16
[Campus News] Campus News
Kim Dae-jung, Awarded Honorary Doctor’s DegreeBy Kim Bo-a, Tribune Reporter Kim Dae-jung, the former president, was granted an honorary doct
Chonnam Tribune   2006-11-29
[Campus News] Campus News
A Major Course Centered on Essay Writing CNU introduces ‘a major course centered on writing an essay’ this fall semester. This pilot program
Kim Bo-a   2006-10-16
[Campus News] Campus News
“It was cool and fantastic!” “I'll never forget this festival.” It is students’ voices that were heard that night. What happened that night?
Shin Hwa-jung, Kim B   2006-09-15
[Campus News] Campus News
Kim Bo a, Park Sa ra   2006-04-29
[Campus News] What Is Going on in Campus?
Tribune Cub-Reporter   2005-12-03
[Campus News] In Brief
Student Representatives Conference A conference of student representatives was held at the auditorium in the College of Humanities Building
박하연 기자, 유정상 기자   2005-10-08
[Campus News] MU Chancellor Deaton Received an Honorary Ph.D.
1.MU Chancellor Deaton Received an Honorary Ph. D. Brady Deaton, Chancellor of University of Missouri-Columbia, received an honorary doctora
김종희,박하연,유정상 기자   2005-06-20
[Campus News] In Brief
1. Dept. of Art Education Holds the Last Graduation Exhibition The Dept. of Art Education held the last graduation exhibition in Biennale In
김종희 기자   2005-04-21
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