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[People] Employment Supporters: Job Information Bank for Students [새창] 이은지 기자 2019-11-18
[People] Student Councils: Representatives Acting on the Behalf of Students [새창] 김은진 기자 2019-09-11
[People] Student Ambassadors: Special Guides to Campus Visitors [새창] Khamdamova Nigina 기자 /이윤주 기자 2019-05-16
[People] CIS: ‘Avengers’ for International Students [새창] ImarovaMokhinur 기자 2019-03-16
[People] Kim Phil-kyu, JTBC Reporter to fact-check factual assertions [새창] 김유나 기자 2016-03-21
[People] GFN’s CNUians [새창] 김선우 객원기자 2015-09-08
[People] Muslim Students Studying at CNU [새창] 김선우 객원기자 2015-05-11
[People] "저는 말레이시아 사람이에요" [새창] Aaron Denison 2013-11-18
[People] Making a Precious Relationship with ISS at CNU [새창] 손현지 기자 2013-10-04
[People] Thinking Big [새창] Rigoberto Banta Jr. 기자 2012-09-25
[People] My Second Home [새창] Rigoberto Banta Jr. 기자 2012-06-04
[People] CNU Is the Best Memory for Me [새창] 이유림 객원기자 2012-05-18
[People] "CNU Is a School of Love and Success!" [새창] 이유림 객원기자 2012-04-06
[People] Make Your School Life a Land of Opportunity [새창] 이유림 객원기자 2012-03-07
[People] Elena and Liudmila at CNU [새창] 한수연 기자 2011-09-09
[People] Be Thankful for the People Closest to You [새창] 박효경 편집국장 2011-05-17
[People] Joyful Comeback to CNU! [새창] 김선우 기자 2011-01-20
[People] LEC's Popular Teachers [새창] 김한나 기자 2011-01-19
[People] Language Barriers Are Nothing [새창] 김한나 기자 2010-12-20
[People] Challenging Students Take It All [새창] 서정은 수습기자 2010-12-20
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