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Untact Service: Technology and Consumers' Changing Needs
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승인 2020.01.13  10:36:37
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▲ A person using smart spaces to know more about cosmetics

    With development of technology, people can purchase goods and services without direct contact with others. The services are called “untact” that is a compound word of the prefix ’un’ meaning “not” and the shortened form of the word ’contact’. The word ‘untact’ may seem unfamiliar, but it refers to technologies, applications and ways to receive services in the form of having minimal contact with other people. The untact services are already available in many areas such as Kakaotaxi and a siren order in cafés. In addition, restaurants where people order and pay for food using kiosks or applications can be also easily seen around us. Although older generations are not familiar with the services and feel uncomfortable when they use applications and machines, untact services are rapidly spreading among younger generations. 
     What made the services so trendy among people? The increase in single-person households has led to the spread of individualistic tendencies in many forms, and due to the characteristic of modern society which avoids contact with others, more people prefer shopping alone. According to a recent market survey of 1,000 adults, 49.1 percent of the respondents answered they were tired of contact due to excessive human relationships. In order to adapt to the changing needs of consumers who address fatigue caused by face-to face communication, untact services have been implemented in many sectors. Because they enable customers to minimize or avoid unnecessary confrontations with employees, people can use the services conveniently and freely without being pressured.

It is an English word meaning "store selling newspapers and beverages," referring to unmanned machines installed in public places such as banks, department stores and exhibition halls to make it easier for the public to use them through unmanned and automated use. With Kiosk, people can easily order and pay without the help of an employee.

▲ Kiosk installed in Mcdonald

Unmanned Delivery Box
    It is a service for the growth of single-person households, convenience and psychological stability. The existing unmanned delivery box, which is not required to be met by courier drivers and customers, has been transformed into an electronic delivery box connected to the Internet and is spreading. When mail arrives, it is notified by the registered phone number without facing actual payee, and it reduces the risk of loss by using a password when mail is found.

▲ Unmanned Delivery Box

Shopping Helper Robots
    A shopping helper robot that looks like a real robot moves inside a department store and provides information services to customers. The shopping helper "elBOT," currently installed in Lotte Department Store, can recommend food and beverage stores to customers and inform them about virtual fitting services and how to use the pick-up desk. It also offers services to help connect foreign guests with English and Chinese-speaking counselors.

▲ Shopping helper robot ‘elBOT’ in Lotte Department Store

Cosmetics Experience Zone
    In a beauty experience zone, a smart space has been set using digital technologies such as smart tables and virtual make-up applications. It shows a real-time synthesis of color makeup from the mirror on the screen to see if the color matches well without directly applying it to the face. In addition, if you face a smart mirror, it analyzes the age and condition of the user's skin and recommends the right product. It is currently used in Olive Young, which is located in Gangnam.

By Ma Joon-hee, Cub Reporter

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