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Pokémon GO Becomes a Part of Real Life at USC
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승인 2016.09.12  15:21:04
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

▲ Playing Pokémon GO

     About two decades ago, the boom of a new character, Pokémon, started from Japan and spread throughout the countries, all around the world. The main factor of the success of Pokémon is being analyzed as a psychological issue by many prominent studies. Pokémon GO encouraged children to collect characters so that they can get into a peer group, and also made them feel like they would get the actual power through the evolution of the Monster.
     The issue of Google maps, which offers geographical information to the game, made it impossible for Koreans to play the game as it is in other countries. To help the Chonnam Tribune readers to experience the actual success of Pokémon GO, this correspondent, as an exchange student at the University of South Carolina (USC), is going to show you how the game has penetrated into the real life of American university students. I could find two traits that Pokémon GO affected on the USC campus in the beginning of the fall semester.
     First, Pokémon GO encourages students’ pride towards the school. To match its reputation as the biggest university in the South Carolina state, the campus has many historical landmarks and beautiful nature. However, it is hard for incoming freshmen or international students to recognize the hidden spots. Luckily, Pokémon GO users can be more aware of the geography and cultural properties on campus. It is because the game is designed for users to get more XP once they find the historical landmarks on the map. Horseshoe, which is at the center of the school is the holly spot for the game users. Julie (Freshman, Dept. of Business Administration, USC) said, “I think Pokémon GO is probably the best game that ever happened to our generation. It actually makes people go outside more since you have to walk and play. Before I came to USC, in my hometown, I would literally never go outside or even to the historical landmarks; but it changed me. I started going outside a whole lot more, especially late at night because that's when all the Pokémon GO players turn up!”
     The other affect of this game is that Pokémon GO is mixed into students’ real campus life. Many students try to suppress their desire to play games because they are afraid that the game might consume too much of their time. However, for USC students, it is a different case. Unlike the CNU campus, the residence halls and buildings where the classes are held are well harmonized on USC campus. Students prefer not to spend their extra time playing the game and just play it on the way to their classes. Therefore the game has become part of the real, everyday life of the students. “I have seen so many students playing the game at Horseshoe on the way to their classes. It is so amazing that we can enjoy our school life in a way we couldn't even imagine,” Katherine (Sophomore, Dept. of Computer Engineering, USC) 
     Like it is shown above, Pokémon GO is constructing the 2016 version of culture on the USC campus. People get to know more about their school, each other and finally, it has led to the amazing environment on the university campus. Julie added, “Pokémon GO has definitely made me an outgoing person! The game made an impact on me by making me physically and socially active, so I do love this life-changing game!” Hopefully, we will be able to make this kind of environment on campuses in Korea in the future, if the Pokémon GO game officially gets permission to be played in Korea.

By Lee So-yi, Overseas Correspondent

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