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Newtro Culture: Reimagine the Past Through New Taste
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승인 2019.03.16  16:12:36
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    An application called ‘Gudak Cam’ is famous among young people. With characteristics of film cameras, this application is one of the typical examples of ’newtro’ culture. If you open the app, you can find a black screen popping up, and in the middle of the screen there is an emerging tiny lens. If you take photos, they are not saved right away and are stored in the gallery four days after you take them. Only up to 24 photos are taken in one go. Young people also like to use analog radio-shaped Bluetooth speakers to enjoy parties or music. It indicates a cultural phenomenon that young people who have not experienced past culture show interest in the past and enjoy it as a new culture. Like this, newtro culture combines modern features of the present (new) with analog sensibility of the past (retro).
    Why is newtro culture so trendy among young people? Newtro culture-related items make them relax and get a novel and retro experience. In a rapidly changing digitalized society, the items give surprise and excitement to them because they had never experienced retro items including LP records and cassette tapes. These two items have a natural and grand sound quality that cannot be expressed by digital devices, which makes younger generations feel comfortable by bringing them into the relaxed atmosphere of the past. It is the reason that they want to experience a new form of retro items and enjoy newtro culture, which is expected to continue in the future. The reason is that young people who play a leading role in culture constantly pursue new and innovative things, and modern technologies are added to the characteristics of retro items.

Fashion :Newtro fashion items such as big pants, ugly-shaped shoes, and big glasses frames are being introduced every season these days. They combine the sense of the past and present. Fashions from the 1960s are reinterpreted with a modern street fashion sensibility. Young people express themselves by wearing the items and enjoy their own newtro style.

Cafés : Newly remodeled cafés are full of retro-styled items that make young visitors feel as if they have traveled to the past. Enjoying a unique ambience and taking photos of items placed all over the cafés, young people can imagine what their parents’ generation enjoyed. In addition, café tableware gives them a sense of familiarity as if they just entered their grandmother’s house.

Photos : Film cameras give tired people in a rapid society the chance to relax while waiting for photos which are the only one analogous image in the world. It means that the photo cannot be modified, so people have more affection towards their photos that they take with a film. It seems like a good reason why the Gudak Cam app is famous among young people.

Music : When people listen to a song on an old musical device, they might feel as if they were in the past. Long play (LP) records have various illustrations on the surface of the label that appeal to young collectors. In addition, young people are fascinated by warmer and richer sounds than digital by using the analogic LP records. Bluetooth speakers in the shape of an old radio are also famous among people who prefer analog sensibility.

By Kim Eun-jin, Tribune Reporter

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