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    Many students are concerned about getting a job, but they cannot acquire sufficient practical abilities by only taking lectures at a university. At CNU, the Overall Human Resources Development Center (OHRDC) helps students enhance their competencies and find suitable jobs. Chonnam Tribune visited the OHRDC to report on the people working at the center, who try to help students gain employment after graduation.

    OHDRC is comprised of three parts: the Dept. of Career Guidance, the Dept. of Employment Information and the Dept. of Counseling. The center provides various programs such as lectures on job interview tactics, one-to-one and group interview training, one-to-one writing training. It also conducts job fairs, on-the-job training (OJT) and job seeking camps.
    Students participated in on-the-job training for two months of this summer vacation. 207 students from 57 local areas underwent this professional experience. They earned two or five credits through the training and were paid for their work during this period. It seems they killed two birds with the one stone.
    Lee Duek-yean, an expert adviser on employment, said that students could gather useful information about jobs through the program, and they might have more opportunities for finding their job. He also emphasized that it is important for students to participate in as many as programs as possible offered by the center.
    The department of counseling supports students by administering diverse programs like psychological examinations and providing counseling online and offline through one-to-one or group sessions. If you’d like to ask the advice of an expert counselor, you must submit an application by visiting the department office or via e-mail. After submission, you can have an initial interview and / or take a psychological test and meet with an expert counselor.
    Jeong wook, a counselor, said, “The Dept. of Counseling has been downsized. A full-time counseling system is no longer in operation, so we can now only counsel four or five students a day. We are sorry about this, but hope that our service causes students to be more mature and prepared than before they undertake the counseling.”
     Through these programs, the people at the department make every effort to improve the mental health of CNU students.

Lim Hwan-mo (Director of the Overall Human Resources Development Center)

Q1. What is the aim of OHRDC?
It is to develop students’ abilities for future employment after graduation. The needs of the times constantly change. University no longer exists solely for studying. Now, we must make an effort to enhance students’ executive ability. The curriculum can’t keep up with modern society’s requirements. For that reason, this center was founded at CNU, to help students improve their capabilities.

Q2. Do you have any difficulties while operating this center?
The most difficult problem is to raise the efficiency of programs offered at OHRDC. The result of our work doesn’t display itself easily. It usually only materializes at least 2 years later.
Second, students don’t have a professional consciousness. They are too loose to prepare for employment. Most students start seeking work when they are juniors. I hope that they start to prepare for employment as early as they can.
Last, we need more space to operate our programs efficiently and to improve educational environments.

Q3. When do you feel your effort has been rewarded?
When I saw that the employment rate was higher than before, I felt it was worthwhile to put a lot of effort into the work. When we held job seeking camps this summer, students said that they’ve got confidence through this program. Therefore, I felt great!

Q4. How could students make the most of a job fair?
According to the result of a CNU educational work evaluation, students hardly attended job fairs. One of the major factors is that students cannot participate in a job fair because they are lack some essential qualifications like a TOEIC score. Students should study English hard. However, it is more important that they adopt a positive attitude toward seeking work. Above all things, a positive attitude is a shortcut to entering the job market.

Q5. Do you take pride in this center?
I have pride in implementing work-seeking camps. Students who took part in the latest camp seemed very happy. Also, they seemed to share good feelings and overcome the weak points of going to a local university. Another program is course guidance instruction which was introduced this year. It helps freshmen to consider their career more seriously and also to cause students and professors to become closer than ever before.

Q6. Do you have some good advice for students?
First of all, you should satisfy the conditions which a company requires by yourself. Get a good TOEIC score and participate in a lot of voluntary work. Another important thing is to have a positive attitude toward everything. Please be as specific as possible when you plan your dreams and make a clear goal and drive to achieve them. Then your dreams will come true.

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