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On-campus Facilities for Health Care and Enhancement
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     Health is the most important thing in people’s lives since they cannot live their lives happily with unhealthy minds and bodies. However, university students do not have enough time to care about their physical and mental health. They have to do many things such as doing their assignments for classes and preparing for several exams to get a job after graduation. This might give them stress in their daily lives. CNU students can use health-related facilities and improve their physical and mental health on campus. The Chonnam Tribune introduces three centers to improve students’ health. These facilities would be helpful for students’ healthy university life.

▲ A student having a brief consultation with a pharmacist at the Health Service Center

Health Service Center
    Most students have used the Health Service Center located on the second floor of the Student Union 1 building since students should have a medical check-up before entering the university. Therefore, many students already know about the center because of their checkup, but it provides a variety of health services such as medical examinations, emergency treatments and vaccinations. Students, faculty, staff members and local residents can have medical examinations from specialist doctors from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., Tuesday through Thursday. Walk-in primary medical services for minor injuries and illness are available from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Monday to Friday. For those students who are members of the student medical co-op, they receive an 80 percent discount on fees for health services on campus.
    The center also provides free medication and medical first aid for students. Free medicine, painkillers and digestive pills are offered after a brief consultation with a pharmacist. Students can use a free first aid kit rental service for university-related activities and events by filling out a request form at the center three days ahead. Ha So-young, a nurse of the Health Service Center, said, “Many students may think of our center as just a school infirmary, but we provide various services and operate programs for both domestic and international students.” She also said, “I hope international students apply for national health insurance since they can get a much bigger profit by applying for it.” Everyone can get more information about this center by visiting the center’s website.

▲ The entrance of the Student Counselling Center

Student Counselling Center
    CNU has a student counselling system to solve their problems and challenges. Students who want to get counselling about their university life can visit the Student Counselling Center located on the second floor of the Student Union 1 building. Seon Jin, a member of staff at the counselling center explained, “Our center operates many programs for students such as individual counselling, psychological tests and various lectures.” Students do not have to worry about their personal information since the center never gives individual information to others. If you want to have some individual counselling, you can make a reservation online or offline by visiting the center. It also provides online counselling. Therefore, it would be good for people who cannot visit the center easily. However, unfortunately, international students are not able to get counseling from the center since there are no professional counsellors who can counsel them with perfect language abilities and cultural knowledge.
    The center provides various psychological test programs such as a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test, a Holland test and a Multi-dimensional Learning Strategy (MLST) test. Each test can provide different advice since they have their own functions. Students can know their personalities more deeply and get proper advice in order to find the learning style that suits them better from the results of these tests. This psychological test program would be helpful for students’ daily lives and ability enhancement. ‘Knowing oneself’ is very useful for all areas such as making a new relationship with other people and making a decision by oneself.

▲ People exercising at the Sports Center

Sports Center
    There might be some students who cannot exercise because there is no suitable place to exercise or because off-campus fitness center membership fees are expensive. The Sports Center located near the East Gate provides suitable places for exercising and quality sports lessons at a reasonable price. It has about 14 sports classes including yoga in English, jazz dance, golf and spinning for quite a cheap fee that is 22,000 won per class for CNU students, faculty, staff and elderly residents, and 33,000 won for other people. Park Yoo-chan, a staff member of the Sport Center said, “We operate various quality programs and among them, we want to recommend students do the following three programs. Weight training is helpful for muscular strength and balance to keep a balanced body shape. Pilates is good for core muscular improvement. Spinning is effective for general endurance. We provide several programs equally for not only Korean but also international students.”
    The center’s staff also provides recommendations for physical activity programs for its members. If there is someone who wants to exercise but does not know what to do, they can use the programs to find the most suitable exercise for them. It evaluates the members’ physical fitness for health and suggests proper sports programs based on systematical and scientific physical examination results. It would be helpful for many people who want to find a proper exercise program. The price is 5,000 won for students, faculty and staff of the university, and 10,000 won for other people.

By Park Seon-ah, Student Editor

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