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[Column] Internationalisation of Training in Energy and Resources Engineering
The reliable access to energy and raw materials is vital for Korea as the country does not have own resources to ensure their adequate and i
Tam Tran 에너지자원공학부 교수   2015-03-10
[Howdy] Mandatory CCTV Installation in Kindergartens
What do you think about the government's policy, mandatory CCTV installation in kindergartens?: We recently realized that our children are n
김소희 기자   2015-03-10
[Letter] Tribune Talk!
The Chonnam Tribune started this new page “Tribune Talk” to communicate with our readers. Here are some messages from them. – Ed.
Chonnam Tribune   2015-03-10
[Spotlight] Condition of Happiness: “Welfare State”
What are the necessary conditions of your happiness in your life? How many Korean people think that they are now living in a happy society?
Hwang Jeong-ha 생활환경복지학과 교수   2015-03-09
[Letter] Well-constructed But Some Improvements Needed
I think the Chonnam Tribune has a strong point that it is the only English magazine at Chonnam National University and provides a variety of
서영은 영어영문학과 1학년   2014-11-26
[Howdy] Removal of Hong Sung-dam’s Painting
The Chonnam Tribune asked a student for his opinion about removal of Hong Sung-dam’s painting from a special exhibition of the Gwangju Bienn
임선영 기자   2014-11-26
[Column] University Evaluation
The Chonnam Tribune asked a student for his opinion about university evaluation conducted by the press. Let’s think about the issue whild re
임선영 기자   2014-11-26
[Column] Cyber Censorship
The Chonnam Tribune asked a student for his opinion about the government cyber censorship. Let’s think about the issue whild reading his opi
임선영 기자   2014-11-26
[Column] Tobacco Price Hike
The Chonnam Tribune asked a student for his opinion about tobacco price hike. Let’s think about the issue whild reading his opinion. "If som
임선영 기자   2014-11-26
[Column] Stand Up For What You Think Is Right
The stories about people who fight against unfairness have been on the news for the last few months. These kinds of news stories have been t
김해인 기자   2014-11-18
[Spotlight] The 10 Years Old Employment Permit System in Korea: Problems and Prospects
Having received migrant workers for two decades, Korea has become one of the top destination countries in Asia. About half of the registered
신지원 사회학과 교수   2014-11-18
[Column] The Right to Self Defense in Home Invasion Cases: License to Kill?
According to a recent news report, a trial court in Korea (the Wonju Branch of the Chuncheon District Court) ruled that a young man in his 2
문기석 법학전문대학원 교수   2014-11-17
[Column] Promoting Cultural Diversity?
Not many people may know that May 20th is the ‘Together Day (segaein-ui nal)’ which has been annually celebrated to raise awareness of cultu
신지원 사회학과 교수   2014-11-04
[Reader's Contribution] Human Rights: A Challenge for the Present Society
What Are Human Rights? If this question is put to a person, he would give his version of just two or three rights he is aware of. But then t
Surgit Singh Puri 한국어강좌 수강생   2014-09-30
[Letter] It Has a Limited Circulation
Actually, I am not a devoted reader of this magazine because I do not speak English very well. Most students think that reading an English m
노진현 윤리교육과 2학년   2014-09-30
[Letter] It Made Me Think about the Role of the State Authority
I am so glad to have a chance to write down my opinion about the Chonnam Tribune. I have been subscribing to the magazine for this summer va
김은애 경영학부 3학년   2014-09-30
[Howdy] What Do You Think about It?
Kim Bo-ok (Sophomore, Dept. of German Language and Literature)I think that it is impossible to delay opening the rice market any more. Since
고지현 기자   2014-09-30
[Howdy] What Do You Think about It?
Kim Yo-seb (Sophomore, School of Business Administration)I am sorry to hear about the accident because I was once in service. It is true the
범철화 기자   2014-09-29
[Howdy] What Do You Think about It?
Kim Kun-soon (Sophomore, School of Business Administration)Samsung is well known for its union-free management. In that sense, it means a lo
오희수 기자   2014-09-29
[Howdy] What Do You Think about It?
The Chonnam Tribune asked CNU students for their opinions related to some current social issues: the abolishment of autonomous private high
이찬미 기자   2014-09-16
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