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승인 2017.09.12  15:44:54
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

Blind Recruiting at Public Sector
▲ Lee Seong-gwon, Senior, Dept. of Biological Sciences and Technology

    President Moon Jae-in last June called for blind recruiting to be implemented in public corporations and agencies. People are sending their praises to the blind recruiting system, because it prevents prejudice based on educational background and experiences. This new process is expected to be an alternative to overcome the limitations of the traditionally used system. However, it would possibly cause another problem. From a business strategy standpoint, companies cannot recruit well-suited people for them because the information they get is limited. Therefore, they should introduce another new system, a compromise between the current recruiting system and the blind recruiting one.

National Plan of National Universities Integration
▲ Oh Sei-hee, Senior, Division of Plant Biotechnology

One of the government’s current agendas is to integrate national universities and establish a network under the ‘Korea National University (tentative name)’. It does not seem to be a bad idea to move campus to another city in order to study and get a degree. Considering the reality, however, this plan will not be welcomed among students. It is actually hard to move from city to city every semester. Moreover, I am worried that the characteristics of each national university might fade away under the name of Korea National University.

CNU’s Two-Edged Mandatory Course
▲ Yang Se-yun, Freshman, Faculty of Business Administration

    I took the course named 'Career Design and Self Understanding' last semester. This class became a hot potato because all freshmen are required to take it. In addition, students need to get more than a certain grade to meet graduation requirements. But from my perspective, there is a good side to this course. Sometimes this class invites mentors who help students to think about their future and aims, so they can also get know-how for employment. I hope this course will positively affect students’ future.

CNU Plans to Boost Student Culture
▲ Kim Deok-jin, Junior, Dept. of English Language and Literature

    It is good news that our university has made efforts to promote student culture since last semester. When many people say that university students don’t have their own culture, the cultural project of the university will be more effective and helpful for students to boost their culture rather than solving the problem by themselves. However, I am worried about financial problems. I doubt whether the university can continue to work on this because of the lack of budget. Thus, I think that the feasibility and sustainability of the plan are significant. I hope it to be a successful first step towards flourishing student culture at our university.

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