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기사 (전체 103건) 제목보기제목+내용
VOLUNTEERING FOR WHAT? By Lee Min-young, Student Editor Many students think that volunteer activities are worthy of doing during their schoo
이민영 기자   2009-03-19
[Cover Story] Tell Us about Your Story
Tell Us about Your StoryBy Lee Min-young, Tribune Reporter It is not so surprising to meet foreign students at CNU as there are already many
이민영 기자   2008-11-24
[Cover Story] We Love CNU
We Love CNU! By Kim Ye-na-ri, Guest Reporter As CNU has accepted foreign students from many different countries, their ways to enjoy campus
김예나리 객원기자   2008-11-24
[Cover Story] Is CNU Attractive to International Students?
We are CNUians! Is CNU Attractive to International Students? By Kim Bo-bae, Student Editor Last August 4th, the Ministry of Education, Scien
김보배 기자   2008-11-24
[Cover Story] Tecktonik Is Enjoying a Revival
Tecktonik Is Enjoying a Revival By Lee Seung-hee, Guest Reporter“It is similar to the pleasure when we are eating barley rice instead of whi
이승희 객원기자   2008-09-15
[Cover Story] New Trend, Revival Comes to Us
A New Trend, Revival Comes to UsBy Ryu Seung-hyi, Student Editor If you enjoy watching TV, you can see a scene involving cultural “revival c
Cover Team   2008-09-15
[Cover Story] Romance and Sex in Our Twenties
By Kwon Jeong-ha, Tribune Reporter Kim Bo-bae, Tribune Reporter Lee Seung-hee, Guest Reporter Nowadays, we can easily find couples who show
Cover team   2008-05-28
[Cover Story] What Is Your Style?
What is Your Life on Campus Like? Check your type of campus life is desirable or notBy Kim Ji-eun, Tribune Reporter Kang Ho-dong, Tribune Re
김지은, 강호동 기자   2008-03-10
[Cover Story] [278 Cover Story]Jumping Into Gender Diversity
Jumoing Into Gender diversityBy Ki Byung-su, Student Editor Rhy Seung-hyi, Tribune Reporter The Bank of Korea recently declared that it put
기병수/ 류승희 기자   2007-11-24
[Cover Story] Globalization: Going Well?
Globalization: Going Well?By Kwon Ji-hye, Student Editor / Kwon Jeong-ha, Tribune Reporter The development of communication and information
권지혜/권정하 기자   2007-09-10
[Cover Story] Welcome to UCC World
If the trend during the early of 2000s was mini-homepages and blogs, then now it’s got to be User Created Contents (UCC). The popularity of
강아영/박윤미 기자   2007-03-20
[Cover Story] Draw Your Dreams of Your Future
As a university offers a vibrant, creative and challenging environment, students can choose from a variety of activities including academic
Chonnam Tribune   2006-11-29
[Cover Story] Contents
Chonnam Tribune   2006-11-29
[Cover Story] Now Is the Most Opportune for Revitalizing the Humanities
Have you ever heard that ‘the Humanities are in crisis’? This crisis has been talked about for several years, but it still remains a serious
Cover Team   2006-11-29
[Cover Story] Cover4
Chonnam Tribune   2006-11-29
[Cover Story] Cover1
Chonnam Tribune   2006-10-16
[Cover Story] Contents
Chonnam Tribune   2006-10-16
[Cover Story] Cover Story
By Park Ha-yeon, Student EditorShin Hwa-jeong, Senior ReporterPark Sa-ra, Tribune ReporterNa Hyun-woong, Guest Reporte Individual freedom an
Cover Team   2006-10-16
[Cover Story] Cover4
Chonnam Tribune   2006-10-16
[Cover Story] Cover1
Chonnam Tribune   2006-09-15
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