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How about Publishing Your Book by Yourself?정미정양의 셀프출판 이야기
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▲ Jeong Mi-jeong shows her self-published magazine.

  With the rise of self-publishing at the international book fairs including the London Book Fair and the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2014, a lot of Koreans recently have interest in DIY publishing and start to write a script and take a picture in order to make their book. Self-published authors have advantages such as getting an only one item in the world and making unusual things by themselves. Not only do they write a book, they also sell books to people who want to read.
  Jeong Mi-jeong is one of these self-publishing authors. She graduated from the Department of Clothing and Textiles at Chonnam National University. “Since I had interest in reading a book and self-publishing, I started to write my own books instead of working in another job. The most attractive part of self-publishing is that I can do anything regardless of other people’s ideas”. She has published a magazine named “Monthly Mijeong” since September 2013. The magazine is the size of a palm and its circulation is 50 per month. She puts her feeling in the book and writes quotes from other books. Many writers commonly have stress about writing a script but she has no stress when she writes one because she is in charge of everything. This is one of the attractions of DIY publishing, although she sometime delays her work because of that. “Self-publishing is fun and it makes her happy even though the number of customers are not really big,” she said.


▲ A palm book self-published by Jeong Mi-jeong

If you have an interest in reading self-published books, there are a lot of websites (www.your-mind.com, www.thebooksociety.org, www.doorbooks.net) that you can search. In here, many people publish their own books and sell them at low price. These books are valuable because they are limited. As a result, you can get a rare book that other people do not have. Various categories will welcome you. Moreover, if you want to make your own book, you can get some ideas in here and can realize your dream.

By Choi Su-in, Tribune Reporter

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