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Ethical Consumption for a Better World윤리적 소비란?
박수경 기자  |  tninss11723@naver.com
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승인 2014.09.18  10:16:59
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

    Farmers in cacao plantations in Africa have not eaten chocolate even if they plant them. They earn only 3~4,000 won per day. The worst point is some of the farm owners exploit child labor and kidnappings for cheap labor frequently happen. Ethical or good consumption is one of the ways through which you could change their situation and furthermore make a better society all around the world. There are two types of good consumption: preserving the environment and donating.
    Here are some examples. You buy goods from fair trade, which works toward obtaining an equal position between nations. It started from criticism of big corporations exploiting the Third World’s materials and labor. The Fair Trade Labeling Organization International (FLO) attaches a mark to products if it is was made in the fair trade process. Coffee and chocolate are the most famous fair trade goods. You can buy these kinds of products at stores like the Beautiful Store. Fair Trade goods are sometimes inconvenient if there are no stores selling them. 
    It is, however, easier to use recycled products. Try to use recycled products or second hand items. One ton of recycled paper saves 15 trees. Also, there are companies which follow ethical world management. TOMS’s 'One for One' policy is very well known. When you buy one pair of shoes, one pair of shoes will be donated to an African child. Another example would be the 'Minewater Bar code Drop' campaign of CJ. If a customer buys a Minewater’s water bottle, it donates 100 won when he/she pays for the product, and the company and the store add another 100 each so over all 300 won per bottle will be donated to Africa.
                                                                                                                                 By Park Su-kyeang, Tribune Reporter

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