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[Interview] Interview With President of CNU, Jung Sungtaek [새창] Maja Elisabeth von Bruun 기자 2021-05-21
[Cover Story] Platform Services Bring a New Lifestyle to the Curation Age [새창] 한승환 기자 2021-05-21
[People] ZOOM: Visualizing the World Through Photography [새창] 조범서 기자 2021-03-29
[People] CNU Drama Club: Fostering Creativity and Self-expression [새창] 엄밀라나 기자 2021-03-25
[Cover Story] Gwangju’s Move Towards Becoming an AI-Centered City [새창] 조예린 기자 2021-03-19
[Cover Story] The Ambivalence of Artificial Intelligence [새창] 마준희 기자 2021-03-19
[Cover Story] Interesting AI Applications in Everyday Life [새창] 조예린 기자 2021-03-19
[Cover Story] Innovative Outdoor Trash Cans [새창] 마준희 기자 2020-11-20
[People] Mouse: Club for Learning Architectural Design Software [새창] 조예린 기자 2020-11-20
[Cover Story] Reducing Waste: Simple Way to Save Our Planet [새창] 박민지 기자 2020-11-20
[Cover Story] Most Popular Internet Memes [새창] 조예린 기자 2020-09-11
[Feature] How I Managed to Survive ‘Winterpeg’ in Canada [새창] 고정연 경영학부 3학년 2020-09-11
[People] Artery: Animal Clinical Club Exploring Veterinary Medicine [새창] 김은진 기자 2020-06-03
[Cover Story] The World of Digital Minimalism [새창] von Bruun Maja Elisabeth 기자 2020-06-03
[Feature] Instagrammable Trends: Social Media Impacts the Lifestyle of the Young Generation [새창] 조예린 기자 2020-06-02
[Interview] Daniel Lindemann: “I Want to Serve as a Bridge Between Korea and Germany” [새창] Maja Elisabeth von Bruun 기자 2020-05-28
[Feature] ‘Lunch Box Talk’ Opens to All Students [새창] Wu Xianhui 한국어협동과정 석사과정 2020-04-03
[Feature] Veganism: Direction of Life Beyond Just Eating Habits [새창] 마준희 기자 2020-04-03
[Feature] The First Class: The Story of an International Student Learning Taekwondo [새창] von Bruun Maja Elisabeth 수습기자 2020-01-08
[People] Employment Supporters: Job Information Bank for Students [새창] 이은지 기자 2019-11-18
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