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기사 (전체 17건) 제목보기제목+내용
[Campus News] National Poet Kim Nam-ju Memorial Hall Unveiled [새창] 박선아 기자 2019-05-17
[Cover Story] May 18 Road: Remembering the Gwangju Uprising [새창] 박선아 기자 2019-05-16
[News Focus] University Needs to Better Inform Students of Curriculum Reorganization [새창] 박선아 기자 2019-04-03
[Campus News] Student Representative Meeting Cancelled due to Lack of Quorum [새창] 박선아 기자 2019-03-16
[Campus News] 2019 GSC Election to Take Place 'Again' in Near Future [새창] 박선아 기자 2018-11-23
[Cover Story] Global Volunteering: Small Actions Big Impact [새창] 박선아 기자 2018-11-16
[Campus News] Students Living in Dormitory Enjoy Their Festival [새창] 박선아 기자 2018-11-14
[Gallery] Students Enjoy Domitory 'Bandi' Festival [새창] 박선아 기자 2018-10-26
[Gallery] New Semester Begins [새창] 박선아 기자 2018-09-11
[Global Campus] My First Overseas Internship Experience [새창] 박선아 기자 2018-08-27
[Campus News] CNU Commemorates May 18 Democratization Movement [새창] 박선아 기자 2018-05-18
[Report] On-campus Facilities for Health Care and Enhancement [새창] 박선아 기자 2018-05-11
[Campus News] Students Enjoy Malaysia Day Event [새창] 박선아 기자 2018-05-11
[Campus News] CNU Holds the 66th First Graduation Ceremony [새창] 박선아 기자 2018-03-26
[Cover Story] Going Global Enriches Campus Life [새창] 박선아 기자 2018-03-09
[Campus News] CNU Holds 66th First Graduation Ceremony [새창] 박선아 수습기자 2018-02-27
[Gallery] CNU's Snowy Campus [새창] 박선아 수습기자 2018-01-10
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