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[Feature] Let's Learn about Scholarships of CNU
Kim Bo a   2006-04-29
[Feature] Can You Cut Chopsticks with Paper?
이은영   2006-04-29
[Feature] -Be a Challenger-Dreaming of a Society without Discrimination
유정상   2005-12-03
[Feature] In Search of Human Nature lI
김완진   2005-12-03
[Feature] [2005 English Essay Contest]
최성욱   2005-12-03
[Feature] [2005 English Essay Contest]
주지현   2005-12-03
[Feature] Two Fads in CNU
Two Fads inside CNU By Gi Yong ho, Tribune Reporter There are common features between the volunteering and civil servant fevers. First, both
기용호,유정상, 허정,   2005-10-08
[Feature] In Search of Human NatureⅠ
In Search of Human NatureⅠ Why Are Men Bigger than Women? By Kim Wan jin, Guest Reporter In most species the male is bigger than the female.
김완진   2005-10-08
[Feature] Where There Is a Will, There Is a Way
Where There Is a Will, There Is a Way What Asia Coastal Disaster Human School Did Last Summer Im Sun tae, Guest Reporter While the majority
임선태   2005-10-08
[Feature] One Year in Japan and Advice for " Future ISEP Students"
The reason that I applied for a one-year exchange study program was to take some time to think about my future, as well as study abroad, bef
트리뷴   2005-08-11
[Feature] Chonnam National University
When my host professor, Dr. Park Nam-yong first invited me to come to Korea as a visiting professor I was a bit hesitant to accept the invit
트리뷴   2005-08-11
[Feature] Do You Still Hesitate Yet?
Though he has never studied abroad, he is in charge of interpreting for foreign professors at international scholastic conferences and teach
트리뷴   2005-08-11
[Feature] A Hero of May 1980, Yoon Sang - Won
A Hero of May 1980, Yoon Sang-won Recently, a variety of commemorative events took place in every nook and cranny of Gwangju to honor the me
임선태   2005-06-20
[Feature] Red Festa - Disseminator of the Spirits of May 18 Needs Something New
Red Festa – Disseminator of the Spirits of May 18 Pro-Democracy Uprising, But Needs Something New Red Festa, teenagers’ cultural festi
기용호   2005-06-20
[Feature] CNU May 18 Memorial Events Only Half Successful
CNU May 18 Memorial Events only Half Successful At this time every year, the General Student Council of CNU used to prepare a variety of com
김종희   2005-06-20
[Feature] It Is Up to You
Your Future - It Is up to You The Chonnam Tribune started this column, titled “Be a Challenger,” as a yearly series to inform CNU students l
기용호   2005-06-20
[Feature] Automative Ebb and Flow on Campus
[#265, 266 Essay] From Tico to Titanic: Automotive Ebb and Flow on Campus “Memory is a net; one finds it full of fish when he takes it from
Mark W. Murdaugh   2005-06-20
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