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Tübingen, the City of Poets and Scientists
Emily Claire 독일언어문학과 4학년  |  tribune1968@cnumedia.com
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▲ View from the wall of Hohentübingen Castle

    Many people think of beer, sausages and football when they hear Germany, but we have so much more to offer than that. Lush green forests and lakes meet big modern cities. Hundreds of castles and sleepy villages nestle into beautiful mountain sceneries. Because it is in the middle of Europe, traveling can’t get any easier. Just hop on the train or even bus to get to any of the nine neighboring countries. Korean lifestyle and internet is one of the fastest in the world, the total opposite of my hometown. I come from an old, small, compared to Korea, almost medieval, town in the South of Germany, called Tübingen. It is a city of poets, musicians and scientists, the perfect example for the Europe you can see on TV.

Old Buildings in the City Center
  The heart of the city, like in many other towns in Germany, still has old buildings from a hundred years ago. Instead of demolishing them for the sake of newer, shinier houses, Germans love to keep history alive through architecture. The oldest dated house is actually from 1323! Build with timber frames that are visible from the outside, “Fachwerk”-houses were a popular building style until the last century. During a stroll through the old part of town you can go shopping in one of the many modern clothing shops, enjoy eating ice cream while having a view on the Neckar river or visit the castle.
    Hohentübingen castle was built during the 11th century and has been upheld so well that these days the university uses it as part of their museum about archaeology, housing some of the oldest artifacts and instruments of mankind. The world’s first biochemical laboratory was built in the castle’s kitchen in which nucleic acid was discovered in 1869. Climbing up the steep hill to get to the castle might be very exhausting, but the scenery is worth every step. Standing on the castle walls you can see almost all of the city below, and even during hot summer days the inside of the castle will be cool, thanks to the stone it was made from. In the castle moat you can try your hand at archery or take a walk through the wild garden.

▲ Fachwerk houses line Tübingen’s market square

A Day on the River
    The Neckar river leads through both the old and new parts of the town. A popular thing to do during the summer, not only for tourists but also for residents, is to rent a pedal boat and go exploring by yourself. Or if you are feeling a bit exhausted from all the walking, why not use a “Stocherkahn”, a boat exclusive to Tübingen navigated by a long wooden pole and let yourself be chauffeured up the river. These kinds of boats are in high demand. You can even book a romantic candlelight dinner for two on them. Or if you are going with a big group of friends, book a guided tour along the water. There are many themes for those, from the botanic garden to tours at night or my personal favorite: a pub tour.
    Pubs or any kind of bar or café are the best places to meet the sometimes rough townsfolks, but no need to worry. After sharing a freshly brewed beer of two everybody will be in the best mood. Yes, Tübingen does live up to the most of Germany‘s stereotypes. There are a few breweries in the heart of the city, which are combined with a restaurant, where you can enjoy good food and even better beer. A bit scared about all the expenses? With one third of the people living here being students, the prices are not too high, especially in the student restaurants all over town.

Historical University
    The Eberhard Karl University Tübingen belongs to the best 10 in the country and the best 100 worldwide. Having a 500 year long history it is one of the oldest universities in Europe. With a wide range of fields to study and do research in, students come from all over the world to get their bachelor, master or even doctorate here. Eleven students and professors who studied or taught at the university won the Nobel prize. While the departments of Theology and Medicine are the most famous, you even have the chance to study Korean there! So, you might be able to hear your native language being spoken by some students.

▲ The main gate of Hohentübingen Castle

Beautiful in All Seasons
    No matter the season you come and visit, there is always some new thing to do. In summer there are open-air music festivals in the park or a “Stocherkahn” race where students wear funny costumes and the last team has to drink cod liver oil while the winning team gets one barrel of beer. My personal recommendation though is winter. The city is alight with Christmas decorations, it smells like cinnamon and oranges from every coffeeshop and bakery, but most importantly: it’s the time of the chocolate festival. ChocolART is a dream come true for everyone who likes chocolate. In the first week of December you can walk over the marketplace in the city center and try many new things. In the chocolateROOM you can watch artists paint chocolate portraits or bakers make delicious chocolate cakes and try it the second it’s done all for free! This being an international festival in Germany of course there is also chocolate beer and sausage. Even most of the restaurants offer a chocolate inspired menu during this time and the hotels are fully book with international guests.
    During the next semester break, when you are thinking about finally taking that Europe trip, why not include Tübingen in your plans? The beautiful nature and historical university buildings, the waterfront and the botanical gardens will surely make this an unforgettable vacation. I hope I made you a little bit interested in my hometown and if you want you can take a look through a live camera installed on the roof of the city hall and see our beautiful marketplace in the heart of the city.

By Emily Claire Jemima Beier, Senior, Dept. of German Language and Literature

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