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Backpacking Korea by Railo
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승인 2011.09.20  15:11:29
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  As this summer holiday began, you must have thought and planned what to do. I was also looking for interesting things to do to make this holiday worthy. Then one of my friends suggested backpacking by using Railro. Railro is a programme that Korail provides for youngsters who are under 25 years old (western age) during summer and winter holiday. Once you buy a Railro ticket, you can use all the Korail train except KTX for seven days without limit. So I and my friend made five days plan about where to go and stay, what to see.


   From 19th of July to 23rd of July, we went through Yeongwol, Jeongsun, Andong, Gyeonju, and Pohang. In Yeongwol and Jeongsun, we enjoyed greatness of the nature. Everywhere we go was covered with all the green colour mountains and transparent sky. The cloud of Gangwondo was hanging on the sky, looking just as if I could reach and touch them. At the night there was an utter darkness and quietness I have never experienced in Gwangju. Only moonlight barely lit up around it so walking around train station at night was a spine-chilling. I will not forget the view of immeasurable stars showing themselves so clearly. When we crossed the border between Gangwon and Gyeonbuk and came down to Andong, it feels like season has changed from autumn to summer because it was boiling hot and muggy. However it could not stop the power of youth in us. We continued the journey and every time we went into traditional places, we were amazed by the beauty of the curvaceously built structures are in harmony with mindboggling view. As we had been through mountains and rivers, we wanted to end our journey at somewhere we can see the sea. Therefore we put Pohang into the last city and enjoyed swimming in pure East Sea. 

The royal tomb of Danjong in Yeongwol

 Not only for experiencing great beauty of nature in Eastern Korea but it was also good to look into historical places. For example, I only knew the simple fact that Danjong was the King of Joseon dynasty who died at early age by his uncle Sejo. Then in Yeongwol, I and my friend visited the royal tomb and residential areas for him. His royal tomb was far humbler than other Kings’ and where he lived was also too simplified to believe that it was the house once the King stayed. By looking and stepping around those places, I could put myself into him and how his life would have been. It was regrettable to think about how he would feel like in his miserable position. In addition, it was not learning about a simple historical fact but experiencing living history. Likewise, all the places are very Korean and have their own history. By pre-searching information about places and visiting on my own, I could feel and know about Korea better and be proud of it.
 Nevertheless, I cannot say that it was the most comfortable trip. Most of the time, we had to wake up very early morning to get the train, walk a lot instead of using transport and ate burgers while we were walking and running or skipped the meal. After exhausting day, we fell asleep straightaway. However, this is some kind of experience that we would never do when we get older. Through this chance, I went into east side of South Korea that I had never been but always wanted. Being at all the places I only saw in the textbook, television or magazine was so touching and it even gave me feeling of a strange achievement.

The residence for Danjong in Cheongnyeongpo

 To give small tips for those who want to go backpacking by Railo next time, since this is not a trip that you can be spontaneous as much as you want, you should plan everything carefully, especially for the train time table as there might not be many trains run in some area. Going backpacking my own country was great experience and achievement. It definitely made my holiday worthy, giving me fresh young energy from another Railrors. I believe that Railro is a must-do chance for those under 25(western age). You missed this time? That is no problem because Railor awaits you in every summer and winter vacation.
By Noh Yeon-jung, Guest Reporter
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