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[Travelogue] My New Family in Australia
My New Family in Australia By Ko Hyun-sook, Senior, Dept. of Business Administration Tara, Are You Ready? I arrived staying in Adelaide, a t
고현숙 경영학부 4학년   2007-11-26
[The Road to Namdo] Looking to the Inside, Jindo Ssanggyesa
Looking to the Inside, Jindo SsanggyesaBy Gim Ye-seul, Student Editor If traveling around Namdo, you will recognize that Buddhist temples ar
김예슬 기자   2007-09-09
[The Road to Namdo] A Special Trip around Namdo with Foreign Friends
Last Chuseok, about twenty foreigners participating in the Residence Program, which was hosted by the Asia Culture Academy & Institute for C
Park Ha-yeon   2007-01-16
[The Road to Namdo] Sambe, the Wonderful Art from Our Ancestors' Wisdom
Put the hemp in the sky. Grab the clouds and hang it up on the heddle shaft.With a spindle made of nutmeg wood.With a reed made of jujube wo
박하연 기자   2006-11-29
[The Road to Namdo] Charms of Natural Dyeing
One hot afternoon, a one and a half bus journey took this reporter out beyond the overcrowded urban area, past peaceful and tranquil scenery
최영미 기자   2006-10-16
[Review] Enjoy Your Privilege of Youth!
“Youth is not a time of life; it is a state of mind; it is not a matter of rosy cheeks, red lips and supple knees; it is a matter of the wil
Park Ha-yeon   2006-10-16
[The Road to Namdo] Transparent Mysterious Lacquering, Hwang-chil
Have you seen a full gold sap in Mt. Goong-bok? The hue is clear, beautiful, and shining.Extracting peeled varnish tree Measuring more than
최영미 기자   2006-09-15
[Review] Who Love Me More Than I Do
More often than not, we come across some inspiring examples which show the affection of family members: The story of the sister who saved he
Park Ha-yeon   2006-09-15
[The Road to Namdo] The Mysterious Art, Lacquering
박하연 기자   2006-04-29
[Travelogue] Why Don't You Get Good Luck Like Me?
박성미 경제학과 4학년   2006-04-29
[Review] More than just 'Form Follows Function'
이현옥   2005-12-03
[The Road to Namdo] An Outstanding Woman in Her Chosen Field]
박하연 기자   2005-12-03
[Travelogue] A High-Flying Bird Has a Wide View
유명근 영어영문학과 3학년   2005-12-03
[The Road to Namdo] Only a Traditional Music Lover Can Master a Musical Instrument
Only a Traditional Music-Lover Can Master a Musical Instrument By Kim Yun hee, Tribune Reporter As the storm hits the streets, the trees alo
김윤희 기자   2005-10-08
[Review] A Dramedy for a Working jill's Day: A Stranger of Mine by Kenji Uchida
[#268 Review] A Dramedy for a Working Jill’s Day: A Stranger of Mine by Kenji Uchida by Lee Hyeon - ock After a long day of work, I would ha
이현옥   2005-10-08
[Travelogue] A Short Diary Traveling in Canada
A Short Diary Traveling in Canada By Gi Yong ho, Tribune Reporter Before the Journey Having successfully qualified to study English abroad,
기용호 기자   2005-10-08
[The Road to Namdo] A Master Who Resembles the Spirit of Bamboo
When the bus we were riding on to meet the interviewee passed through the overcrowded urban area, the peaceful scenery of the countryside ca
김윤희 기자   2005-08-12
[Review] Life, Love, Happiness and Sorrow ... and Sex and the City
“Being single used to mean that nobody wanted you, now it means you’re pretty sexy and you’re taking your time deciding how you want you lif
트리뷴   2005-08-11
[The Road to Namdo] A Life Devoted to Goryo Porcelain
A Life Devoted to Goryo Porcelain After the rain stopped, the spring has come soundlessly. A gentle breeze blows just enough to open the blo
김윤희 기자   2005-06-20
[Review] Gwangju of 1980 Reborn in A Bride of May
Gwangju of 1980 Reborn in A Bride of May The hall of Gwangju Culture and Art Center, where A Bride of May was being performed on stage in ce
백현미   2005-06-20
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